We have become Google Partners!

Sept. 28, 2021, 10:10 a.m.

Marketing agency Golden Web has received the status of official Google Premier Partner! We have been offering internet marketing services for 6 years which have not only ensured the loyalty of our regular clients, but also received recognition from our foreign partners. What is Google Partner? It is a marketing program for advertising agencies or third parties that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or companies.


Contextual advertising - work of real professionals


Certification: we successfully passed the Google Ads exam. Certification takes place on the Skillshop portal. We have completed a basic and advanced course in Google Ads and passed the exams. The certificate confirms our qualification in the field of web advertising.

Costs: we reached a certain level of investment in advertising. A high-budget Google Ads account - proof of the financial stability of our web studio. Our spending on Google over the past 3 months has been over $ 10,000.

Effectiveness: we achieved stable business growth and increased customer base. High efficiency is also a sign of stability: our customers' incomes grow along with loyalty which directly affects our profits and expands our customer base. Learn more about Google Partner  

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What advantages do we have over competitors?

Knowledge. As a Google Partner client, you know that your marketing strategies are in the hands of certified Googlprofessionals for whom Google ads is a daily work. Googlensures that our qualified staff meet current standards for best account management practices.

Save money. Partner companies are well versed in all the knowledge of functionality required by Googlcontextual advertising. Strategic use of these features ensures that your campaigns are set up in the most cost-effective way. Understanding bidding for ads, required daily budgets, relevant keywords, etc. will ensure the best results at the right cost.

Ability to stay ahead of competitors. Partners have access to Google's latest beta features and have exclusive access to testing before they become public.

Direct access to Google. This means that whenever there is a drop in productivity, a cause for concern or a threat to customer opportunities, we can talk on the phone with our manager, who already has a good relationship with us and our customer base.

The Google Partner badge confirms that Golden Web Digital is a trusted partner for contextual advertising. With this status you can be sure that our employees are well versed in Google Ads tools which turn even a start-up into a profitable business.

The value of the badge

Education & Insights

education google partner

Access & Support

acces goole partner

Recognition & Rewards

recognition google partner

Details on Google Help

The Google Partner badge will show your potential clients that your company has qualified Google Ads specialists and will set you apart from the competitors.


Google advertising is a proven way to promote your business

How will Internet marketing be useful for you in Ukraine?

Our SEO-specialists - professionals who know current trends in Internet marketing;

We know how to run a successful and profitable ad campaign;

Googlads will only show on relevant queries, thanks to well-chosen keyword queries and the exclusion of negative keywords;

Our designers are able to develop creatives that will not irritate new clients;

We optimize your advertising to decrease your cost per click;

Contextual advertising is guaranteed to increase your profits with minimal investment.

You can order contextual or display ads on the golden-web.digital website. Become a Google Partner or join cooperation with Google Partners: https://www.google.com/intl/uk/partners/become-a-partner/

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