Corporate identity development

Corporate identity is a set of graphic, acoustic, color, plastic, audio and video tools that are connected by a common style, concept and ideology and provide visual recognition and communication of the brand. In other words, corporate identity is necessary to create a holistic and audience-friendly image of the company and communication with future clients.

graphic design from the IT company Golden Web
Why corporate identity?

Corporate identity is the basis for communication with the public during an advertising campaign. It allows us to combine all visual and meaningful components of products, services and any information provided by your company. By creating a good identity, it is quite realistic to achieve the coherence of brand communications, all elements of which must be logical and consistent. An important part of the brand communication remains graphic materials, since the perception of transmitted messages to customers takes place on the basis of senses and associations that arise during their reading.

development of corporate identity

Detailed description of the logo and a collection of rules for its use, created for the correct and recognizable design of the logo in accordance with the company's plan. Brand recognition depends on a well-developed corporate identity, so to increase the level of recognition and consumers' trust you need to create a holistic image of the brand, the rules of proper use of visual components fixed in the logobook.

development of a logo book
Main elements
of corporate identity

a unique image of the name, product or specific group of people. It most often consists of 4-7 letters, it is also a form of trademark registration.

Corporate colors
Corporate colors

several colors that enhance the attractiveness of your corporate style, have a strong emotional impact or distinguish your product in a visual form.

Corporate fonts
Corporate fonts

allows you to distinguish the brand from others due to the special spelling of the company name, its slogan or any textual information.


3 developed concepts of logo, selected corporate fonts and colors by our team of designers. You get all files in .AI format.

order the Start design package

3 developed concepts of logo, selected corporate fonts, colors and patterns by the brand marketer and the team of designers; logobook creation; you get .AI files.

order the Lite design package

3 developed concepts of logo, selected corporate fonts, colors and patterns by the brand marketer and the team of designers; logobook creation; developed an idea for brand communication; design adaptation for social media; you get .AI files.

order the Pro design package

5 developed concepts of logo, development of corporate patterns by a team of designers, a strategist and a brand marketer; logobook creation; development of strategies for promoting your brand and ideas; detailed audit of the market, clients and competitors in the niche; design adaptation for social media; you get .AI files.

order the Mix design package
Examples of our logobooks
example of a logo book example of a logo book from Golden Web logo book example Goldenweb logo book - an example
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