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Want to effectively engage your target audience with your own website? Then contextual advertising is exactly what you need!


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We implement all types of campaigns
in Google Ads system

Golden-Web Digital offers comprehensive Google Adwords customization services with the customer needs and specific budget.

Campaign settings

Analysis of competitors and formulation of advertising campaign strategy;


Creating a customer account in Google Adwords;


Quick launch of the first advertising campaign and receiving income from contextual advertising;


Selection of keywords and phrases used by users most often when searching for a specific product or service;


Writing relevant and enticing headlines with offers;


Customizing contextual advertising for a regional or local target audience;


Analysis and control of the advertising campaign with adjusting the bids that the user is willing to pay by clicking on the ad;


Work with the advertising account in order to improve the performance of the campaign;


Providing a monthly report with the results of the advertising campaign and a list of services that were performed.

Why order an advertising campaign from Golden-Web Digital?
  • • We guarantee constant communication with the client and support 24/7 and will help to solve any problems at all stages of our cooperation;
  • • we ensure timely approval of all requests and advise on how to use your budget most effectively;
  • • we use all the necessary tools to determine the level of effectiveness of the current and future advertising campaign;
  • • in our team - the most experienced professionals who implement any wishes of the client, agreeing with them every step;
  • • a nice guaranteed bonus in the form of a promo code (1,500 UAH) to replenish an advertising account.
To get your bonus:
  • purchase contextual advertising in Golden Web;
  • send 10000 UAH for the first 60 days;
  • get a 10000 UAH bonus.
Why is it important to choose a specialist who will accompany the advertising campaign at all stages?

Experience has shown that the initial overlay of contextual advertising in Google AdWords is not enough to constantly work to attract customers and effectively spend the budget on advertising.

There are several reasons:
  • determines and controls the costs of the financial component of the advertising campaign;
  • monitors attendance rates and studies the reasons for their growth or decline;
  • analyzes data on user behavior on the website;
  • identifies the right keywords for search engines and improves their quality;
  • tests ads;
  • creates and implements an effective strategy for setting bids for every click on advertising;
  • analyzes search query reports, adds negative keywords to display ads only on relevant and targeted queries;
  • prevents and fixes current technical errors in the advertising campaign;
  • communicates with Google Adwords technical support to solve potential problems with the service.
Why do you need to order contextual advertising from Golden-Web Digital?
  • Our team - certified professionals with experience in Google Adwords, Google Analytics and various other business niches;
  • we carry out complex adjustment of web analytics and we investigate campaigns for efficiency;
  • each client has their own account-manager, which will be ready to answer all your questions;
  • personal account-manager is always ready to answer your questions.
We are specialists
Google Ads Search Certification
Google Ads Video Certification
Google Ads Search Certification
Google Ads Apps Certification
Google Ads Display Certification
Google Analytics Individual Qualification
Google Ads - Measurement Certification
Google Analytics for Beginners
Google Ads media certification
Google Analytics full course
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Our company develops websites in the Python programming language. A lot of satisfied customers have already received their websites created by Golden Web Digital.

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Our SEO-specialists offer a comprehensive work on your website. This strategy includes a complete analysis of the site and competitors, as well as internal and external optimization.

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Discover your brand's soul with a comprehensive approach to business Creative from the Golden-Web Digital team

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Golden Web Digital designers offer a full range of services from corporate identity to logobooks. We take into account all requests of the client.

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Contextual advertising - one of the most effective ways to attract the target audience to your website. Our specialists offer quality Google ads services: from set up to full management.