Commodity advertising Google Shopping

is a type of an advertising campaign in Google AdWords, which allows you to show banners with information about products that you offer, in a variety of search engines, including Google. Their key difference from the usual results of the search engine is informative and more noticeable for users unique appearance - small-size goods cards with a store name, its products, prices and reviews of clients. In this case, commodity ads may have a different location: above the basic results of searching in Google or on the right side of the page.

Product ads - examples of placements
Google Merchant Center
has these main benefits
Clear information: name of the product, its price.
Coverage of larger interested audience.
Automatization. When Google Shopping works correctly, all product positions of the online store get to search engines.
Possibility of miscellaneous advertising setting.
Analytics. As a result of the campaign, the user of the system provides a fairly large number of statistical reports
High conversion rates and significantly greater efficiency coefficients.
More prominent and attractive location of product cards.
Lower price of an advertising campaign compared to the cost of the searching one.
Accurate information about the product. Information about goods is updating constantly.
steps to set up Google Shopping
Google Shopping: the step-by-step guide.
  • • Creating an account in Google Merchant Center.
  • • Filling information about the company and confirm the ownership of the website.
  • • Creating technical task for your feed data.
  • • Adding a feed to Google Merchant Center system.
  • • Passig moderation.
  • • Setting up an advertising campaign in Google Ads.
The main requirements for the website to work
with Google advertising services
contact information At least two of the three sections of contact information are filled correctly.
 Security when placing an order Security for orders.
rules of exchange and return of goods Clear information about the rules of return or exchange of purchased products.
product card Clear product card.
information on payment terms Full information about payment terms.
methods of delivery of goods All ways of delivery of products are available.
And remember that payment, purchasing and delivery information on the website must be as simple as possible for the customers.
bonus for advertising from Google partner - Golden Web
Bonus for advertising in Google

We have only experienced professionals who embody all the wishes of the client. Each stage of setting up advertising is agreed with the customer. For all customers there is a promo code to replenish the advertising account.

To get your bonus:
  • GW Purchase contextual advertising in Golden Web.
  • GW Spend 10000 UAH for the first 60 days.
  • GW Get a 10000 UAH bonus.
order advertising
Working with us, you get:
  • GW Control budget expenses for advertising.
  • GW Analysis of attendance indicators to see their growth/decline.
  • GW We study user behavior on the website.
  • GW We conduct measures to increase the quality of search queries.
  • GW We pick up and add new minus words to the account, to prevent the ads for non-targeted key phrases.
  • GW Work with Google Ads bidding strategies.
  • GW If necessary, immediate elimination of mistakes in the work of the advertising campaign.
  • GW Communicate with Google Ads support to solve possible problems.
реклама Google Shopping від Голден Веб
Who is the most relevant for Google Shopping
  • Google Shopping is definitely for you if you are::
  • GW - sellers from highly competitive niches with a high price for a click, because the user will immediately see the price and will not go through the announcement if it is too high;
  • GW - retailers who want to show the entire width of its assortment, because several announcements can get to the search;;
  • GW - online stores that have low prices, because customers can compare their offers with competitors.
Google Shopping

With Google Shopping, you can get a lot more attention to your products by creating more visually appealing product ads, but setting up your advertising campaign requires that you meet all of the above requirements of the Google Merchant Center and Google Adwords. For maximum success and profit, remember to use all the tools and advertising capabilities of Google services.

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