Author's course from a certified PPC-specialist Golden-Web Digital Svetlana Makar

For who this course
Beginners, РРС specialists and marketers
6 weeks of training and you will have a new profession, which is among the ten most popular specialties in the labor market. The main thing is that you will learn not alone, but with an experienced mentor who will always help and in practice will show the difficult moments.
Managers and specialists in digital marketing
You will receive additional specialization, going all the way from learning the principles of contextual advertising, to the intricacies of setting up Google Ads advertising campaigns, get unique information that is not provided in similar courses
Entrepreneurs who plan to deepen their knowledge in Digital
You will be able to control contractors, properly distribute your advertising budget, better understand your target audience, save costs and achieve revenue growth.
Students who want to develop in a promising field
You will gain knowledge to successfully start a career in contextual advertising

How is the Google Ads course?

Lecture materials
The whole theory is divided into modules, all aware of 12 modules. Lectures are given by a speaker with extensive experience in marketing, so it will not be boring!
As part of consolidating the knowledge gained during the lecture, homework will be provided. There will also be testing after each topic.
Learning from real projects
You immediately improve your knowledge in practice. Already on the course you get the experience you need to work with first clients.
Closed chat
Communication during training is an important part of the process of gaining new knowledge and sharing experiences. A closed telegram chat of course students will be created, a link to which will be sent in a letter immediately after payment for the course.
What awaits you on the course
Theory + practice
In the audience you receive theoretical materials, which are explained by real examples. If necessary, check all the information with the curator of the course. You also receive video materials that you can watch in the extracurricular time.
After studying the theoretical materials, we offer you a self-test - this will help you understand how well you have mastered the information.
After graduation you pass additional testing and receive a diploma confirming that you are a professional PPC specialist, and a curator will help you get certified by Google.
Apply knowledge in practice
Each topic involves a homework assignment you can perform at your own pace. All tasks are practical: you do them in your project. If not yet, we will provide you with a training site.
Curator's comments
The curator checks your work for three working days and advises how to make the campaign better. If it finds errors, it tells you how to fix them.
Live Q&A sessions
Course speakers conduct live question-and-answer sessions online, where you can ask questions and get detailed answers in real time.

Google Ads Configuration Course Program

Introduction. What is contextual advertising. Basic concepts
  1. What is contextual advertising
  2. Advantages and disadvantages of contextual advertising
  3. Types of advertising campaigns
  4. Principles of contextual advertising and its features
  5. The structure of the Google Ads advertising account
  6. Payment profile
Advertising campaigns
  1. ADS account settings
  2. Creating an advertising campaign
  3. Bidding strategies
AdWords strategy
  1. Keywords. Search queries
  2. Types of keywords
  3. Negative words. The meaning of negative words
  4. Keyword Planner
  5. What is an account quality indicator?
  1. The structure of the advertisement
  2. Write an effective ad
  3. Dynamic ads
  4. CTR
Media advertising
  1. What is a content network?
  2. Remarketing
  3. Setting up an advertising campaign in the CMS
  4. Creating Display Ads
Google Analytics
  1. Create a Google Analytics account
  2. Account hierarchy and interface
  3. Basic reports in Google Analytics
  4. Related Analytics and Google Ads accounts
Google Tag Manager
  1. Create a Google Tag Manager account. The concept of container, trigger, tag and variable
  2. Related Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts
  3. Create and set up conversions.
Google Analytics - Google Tag manager -Google Ads
  1. Conversions
  2. Goal setting
  3. Audience settings
  4. Google Ads and Google Tag Manager Audience Conversions
Google Merchant Center
  1. Registration Google Merchant Center
  2. Confirmation of site ownership
  3. Filling in information about the company
  4. Related Ads and Merchant Center accounts
  5. Data feed
Google Shopping
  1. Creating a trading campaign
  2. Choosing a strategy (simple and smart campaigns)
  3. Optimization of trading campaigns
Performance Max
  1. Getting Started
  2. Settings
  3. Result
You are guaranteed to receive your first certificate on the Skillshop platform
  1. The structure of the advertisement
  2. Write an effective ad
  3. Dynamic ads
  4. CTR
PPC спеціаліст компанії Golden Web
Who spends learning Google Ads?
Svetlana Makar - Leading lecturer and PPC-specialist with more than 5 years of practical experience. Passed the certification of Google Premier Partners for Golden-Web Digital (only 3% of such companies in the world). Has experience with topics of varying complexity, experience interacting with any modern Google tool, including search, display, remarketing, Merchant Center, and YouTube video ads.
Svetlana is a certified specialist in Google Analytics and Google Tag settings Manager.
Google Ads training in the courses is based on the requirements of today's market, based on real-world practical techniques and examples.
“While studying, all students are certified by Google Ads!”
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Immerse yourself in the world of internet marketing and become a PPC specialist
Your skills after the course
  • Plan your Google promotion strategy
  • Customize and optimize different types of campaigns
  • Competently form semantics and cluster key queries
  • Create ads that sell and attract the attention of the audience
  • Reduce the cost of a click by choosing the right keywords and built an advertising campaign
  • Properly analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • Fix ads that are not moderated, create them in accordance with the rules and requirements of the system, minimize errors
  • Increase sales in your own business on your own, without the help of third-party contractors
  • Apply the acquired knowledge and improve it in the future in order to be in demand in the labor market for a long time
  • Optimize budgets and use data to analyze key indicators.
You are GUARANTEED to receive an official certificate from Google stating that “You have proven that you have the basics of creating and optimizing campaigns in Google Search”
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“Google Ads Not for Everyone”
“Importantly! Those who know how to drive targeted traffic to a site and do it professionally will never be out of work. All students gain deep knowledge and practical skills and unique features, so they can work independently immediately after graduation.”
There is no such thing anywhere else!
Unique course: Google Ads + Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager


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payment in installments is possible
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