Turnkey website development

Golden Web Digital - big team of specialists with a significant experience in the development of web-oriented apps, portals, chatbots and software in the Django framework of Python programming language. Our specialization is complex web development, including portals and software with high load and safety requirements. Python programming language is successfully operated by the Django framework in such worldwide famous projects, platforms and services as YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Dropbox, various Nasa publications, National Geographic, The Guardian, Washington Post, Google Search and Mozilla Firefox.

Development of turnkey websites
We offer

or a single-page showcase website that gets the user to subscribe to an email distribution, leave contact information to place an order of the particular product, download the program or presentation etc.

Online store
Online store

of any size: from a small without a cart to the shop with advanced features and integration with 1C.

Corporate website
Corporate website

or business card website of the company with the information about its activities, in particular, the gallery of executed works, directories of the proposed products with their detailed description, current employment opportunities, feedback forms etc.

Mobile app
Mobile app

on iOS and/or Android platforms with the development of its original design and full implementation and maintenance.

Individual development
Individual development

of projects of any complexity: from the bulletin board to unique solutions for your web resource.


Advantages of developing websites in the Python programming language

According to the PYPL index that compares the number of tutorials in Google Python's share compared to the nearest competitors, Java and JavaScript, are almost two and four times bigger respectively. Python leadership is also confirmed in the TIOBE indices, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and other world authoritative rankings of programming languages, where Python constantly ranks 1-3.

01 Python
Market share: 31,02 %
02 Java
Market share: 16,38 %
03 JavaScript
Market share: 8,41 %
04 C#
Market share: 6.52 %
05 PHP
Market share: 5,83 %
06 C/C++
Market share: 5.56 %
Python benefits
order a website in the Python programming language
A big demand - quality indicator
  • The global multi-million dollar network of developers promotes development and improvement of this programming language by developing optimized modules and libraries for various technical and business tasks, and the increase in the number of young professionals helps with any potential shortage of staff to support and update your project.
Python website
Laconic and transparent syntax
  • Simplicity in writing is about Python. The readability and brevity of the code, as well as the compactness of the language not only contributes to supporting and the rapid inspection and correction of errors, but also significantly saves the time of programmers and clients funds. For clarity, compare the size of the mini program that draws the pyramid on Java and Python:
Syntax of the Python programming language
Syntax of the Java programming language
Advantages of Python websites
  • Unlike PHP, which is ideal only in the short term, Python thanks to rapid development has much more prospects, including durability.
Convenient and thoughtful website design on Python
Relevant, convenient and well-thought-out design
  • Thanks to the simple and reliable program architecture, Python is much easier to master for beginners and use experienced developers compared to other programming languages.
Python implementation
Easily accessible tools combined with a large ecosystem
  • The stack gives Python developers a powerful, easy-to-use and well-documented section that even beginners can undestand. Mostly, the product adjustment requires much less funds than other web programming languages.
Python programming language
Python is a universal programming language
  • Python is perfect not only for websites, but also for machine learning, creating scripts, NLP, data science, image processing and mobile and desktop applications.
Python is a popular programming language around the world
A huge community in different countries
  • Around Python and its above-mentioned bright, in comparison with the PHP, benefits formed a large partnership, by which developers receive significant support.
Django capabilities
Full set

Django works with dozens of additional features at each stage of web development that help authenticate the user, create and configure the website maps, manage content, RSS and other components.


SQL injection, cross-site request forgery, clickjacking, cross-site scripting and all other errors that jeopardize the proper operation of the resource, are not dangerous for sites developed in Django, and for secure and efficient use of personal data, the key is the user authentication system.


Django web framework is perfect for working with highest traffic, which is most often used on a large number of downloaded websites to solve or prevent the occurrence of traffic related problems.


With Django, you can easily and effectively engage in content management and even create scientific computational platforms or large organizations.


The wide possibilities of the Django web framework allow you to develop a full-featured CRM system or create platforms for communication and booking services.


Django follows the pattern of Model-View-Controller (MVC), which provides for the delineation of business logic and its visualization, makes it possible for a parallel development of components and their separate change, as well as various depending on the context of data representation to accelerate the development and launch of the project.

Steps of website development
01 Analysis

After studying area of activity of the client and their competitors, we develop recommendations to improve the effectiveness of the website, as well as carry out collecting semantic core, launch SEO strategy and develop a technical requirement

02 Design

At this stage, according to our technical requirement, we develop a layout and a complete prototype of the computer and mobile versions of the website with the Figma online service, which is agreed with the client.

03 Development

which includes work on the website architecture, as well as work with backend and frontend with a unique customization of the admin panel, according to customer requirements.

04 Testing functionality

productivity, adaptability and general level of convenience of using the website until it’s completely perfect.

05 Website launch

We connect the domain to the website and place it on the server, then our SEO department prepares analytics and implements a resource launch strategy developed during the first step.

06 Congratulations!

Congratulations on launching your website, we hope that you were as satisfied with the process of its creation as we are.


Websites functionality,
by Golden Web

Admin panel

Convenient admin panel with high ease of use due to hidden excess functionality.

Multilingual website

The ability to display the website and its content in more than one language


an ability to show the cost of products and services on a website using more than one currency with the prescription of the currency by default and placing currency converters and current exchange rate.

The role of customers

Each customer will receive a unique role from you (retail, wholesale, representative etc.) and, accordingly, a different image of the value of products.

Online payment

Comprehensive collection of online payment services LiqPay (Privat24, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay and Google Pay).


Setting up and connecting API with base of cities, postal departments and streets and an automatic selection.

Python is cool!

It should be noted that the Python programming language and its framework Django are used mainly in countries with a developed IT sector, and in Eastern Europe, Ukraine in particular, they are gradually gaining momentum, as they are now only the most innovative companies working with this language in our country. If you are interested in the services of Golden Web Digital, we can provide a Python and/or Django portfolio, show an example of the code as well and discuss more opportunities for cooperation during a personal meeting.

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Turnkey website development

Our company develops websites in the Python programming language. A lot of satisfied customers have already received their websites created by Golden Web Digital.

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Our SEO-specialists offer a comprehensive work on your website. This strategy includes a complete analysis of the site and competitors, as well as internal and external optimization.

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