Local promotion in Google My Business - Everything you need to know about the benefits of this service

As you know, Google My Business is a free Google service that greatly simplifies the process of showing the company in search results, maps and other pages on the Internet. With Google My Business, you can also find important information about nearby companies and post information about your own business.

Who is Google My Business for?

If your company, regardless of its size and field of activity, has a physical representative office, then you should definitely use Google My Business. This service is primarily designed for those who want to gain customers here and now and is especially useful for cafes, cinemas, gas stations, fitness clubs, tattoo salons, hotels, theaters, beauty salons and other types of establishments in the field of services.

High-quality local promotion of the company through Google My Business on Golden-web.digital!

The IT company Golden-Web Digital has been specializing in the Google my business service for a long time. By entrusting the promotion of your websites with Google My Business to Golden-Web Digital, you will get:

  • fully ready, correctly filled in and optimized company card in Google My Business;
  • the necessary information about the company for ranging, even if you have nothing to tell about the place;
  • increased views and conversion rates on your card, including calls, website navigation and paving the route to the physical place;
  • expanded semantic core, ie keywords for searching your company and its presence in search results;
  • maintaining a reputation on the Internet and responding to reviews.

Still not sure if you should entrust website promotion to Golden Web? After creating and setting up an account in Google My Business your business will immediately receive a number of significant benefits:

  • Google My Business is free for everyone;
  • opportunity to represent your own company on the Internet;
  • your business will appear on other Google services;
  • the ability to increase the level of competitiveness compared to institutions that are not registered in Google My Business;
  • the ability to specify the correct schedule of your institution or company and change current information about it;
  • getting much more organic traffic to the website and the number of real clients;
  • reputation of your company will grow if you show real feedback about it;
  • the ability to analyze website traffic over specific period of time;
  • Google My Business is the optimal platform for conducting visual tours of your company for potential customers;
  • Google My Business is a great service to tell online users about products and services.
Google My business from Golden Web

Order a Google Business account in Golden-Web Digital and get all the benefits of this promotion. Local SEO will help you attract users who are close to your area. Trust your account to real professionals.

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