Transferring online business from the marketplace to your own web resource.

Promotion of your own products on the trading grounds is associated with many inconveniences, including: lack of advanced features, closed access to code, standard design and complexity of implementing any modern decisions. As a result, the marketplace is not an optimal platform for serious projects, since it limits the possibilities of their optimization and promotion.

Main inconveniences of marketplace
  • Investing funds in someone else's business. You work on such platforms as long as you pay an annual subscriber contribution by contributing to the development of this marketplace, not its own online shop;
  • website doesn’t belong to you. Remember that every marketplace works with its own rules and your website is a part of their huge system: if a systemic failure occurs, your online shop stops working.
  • cliched design and lack of development prospects: if you want to make your own online store recognizable, then you need to invest extra money;
  • distrust of potential customers to entrepreneurs who use the services of marketplaces, since solid companies have their own websites on the Internet;
  • no queue of customers. Despite the fact that marketplaces are visited by millions of users every day, the presence of a large number of competitors in your niche does not force clients to stand in line for your products.

Advantages of having your own site:

  • convenient structure and navigation: you do everything possible so that users can easily and quickly find the right products;
  • unlimited functionality: you will be able to add any necessary services for the convenience of users, in particular, online chat with the manager, shopping cart, comparison of items, online payments and selection of products you like;
  • formation of a positive image of the company - the presence of its own website will help gain the trust of users and success in selling your products;
  • unique design: specialists of the digital marketing studio will develop an individual design and implement any ideas, so that the website corresponds to modern trends and features of your niche;
  • if necessary, the ability to expand the website during scaling a business in the short term under any difficulties;
  • promoting the online shop using modern methods to improve its display in Google search results, in particular, contextual advertising and branding;
  • security: confidential information about users and data of your website are fully protected;
  • full rights - your activities and decisions as the owner of this website are not limited by any rules.

Our digital marketing studio provides services for the development of a full-fledged online store with basic functionality in the Python programming language and ensuring the transfer of all products from marketplaces that are in demand. Golden Web Digital guarantees that the current results will be preserved.

The following functions will be presented on the website:

  1. Unique design.
  2. Admin-panel.
  3. Several languages on the website.
  4. Different currencies for products.
  5. Product search.
  6. Multilevel catalog.
  7. the ability to transfer products and categories in XML format from the marketplace to your own resource;
  8. Several options for delivery.
  9. Filters.
  10. API «Nova Poshta».
  11. Delivery by «Ukrposhta», «Delivery», «Meest Express» (without API).
  12. possibility of online consultation in social media (JivoChat, Facebook, Viber etc).
  13. 1-Click ordering.
  14. Shopping cart.
  15. Feedback form.
  16. Blog.
  17. Technical optimization according to Google algorithms.
  18. Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Tag Manager etc.
As a result, you get:
  • professionally developed and launched resource, which will be supported by our specialists;
  • placed on a separate German server with full support of our system administrator (from 400 UAH/month);
  • a convenient admin panel that allows the owner to manage the website without asking for help from our developers;
  • website with no limit on adding products.
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