Golden-Web Digital offers services of website development by using SEO tools for qualitative increase in business profits.

Promotion steps
by Golden-Web Digital

Market and competition analysis
  • Before starting optimization, we learn in detail the area and features of the professional activity of the client and analyze the current level of competition in it.
    This allows:
  • • define the main and promising requests for search engine promotion;
  • • distribute the financial component of optimization;
  • • forecast traffic potential and conclusion on requests in the most popular search engines;
  • • select accompanying marketing tools.
Technical audit of the website
  • The importance of this step is explained by the need to identify the main problems of the web resource and create a list of necessary refinements, before starting internal optimization for high results on the Internet.
    During the technical audit of the website:
  • • we study the databases, software code and page load speed;
  • • diagnose the work of hosting and setup server configuration;
  • • look for errors in the management and navigation on the website;
  • • check the correctness of page making.
Strategy development
  • The next step involves identifying specific advantages and disadvantages of the website, as well as opportunities for its promotion and potential threats that may arise in the process of optimization.

    Correctly formed strategy allows:
  • - make a clear algorithm of action;
  • - analyze several promotion options;
  • - track the efficiency of each previous completed and future website optimization step;
  • - if necessary, quickly change the advertising strategy at any time.
Internal optimization
  • Internal optimization - a set of actions aimed at increasing the level of indexation and improvement of the visibility of the website in the most popular search engines.

    It provides:
  • - creating a structure;
  • - collecting the semantic core;
  • - content optimization;
  • - writing content;
  • - website page optimization.
External optimization
  • External optimization - a necessary and harmonious step in increasing visibility and attendance to the website by working with backlinks (reverse links), which will make your brand more recognizable.
Web analytics
  • The goal of this step is to work with data visitors to determine its elements that attract or potentially push users. As a result, we perform work on improving the interface, conversion and convenience of using a website that will greatly contribute to the growth of your profit.
  • Due to web analytics, we understand what attracts or repulses users on the site, we work to improve the interface, usability, conversion. As a result, your profits increase.
SEO - is it expencive?
Internal advertising

Citylights and billboards from 5 000 UAH\month
OUTREACH - one city maximum, usually one street.
AUIDIENCE - the audience is not targeted. Residents of neighboring houses, passing by passengers of city transport, pedestrians.
OUTGOINGS - payment for the work of the designer, for printing, for rent.
DATA TYPE - data are difficult to collect and analyze because there is no system for clear collection of these results.


A set of works on SEO promotion for Ukraine - from 12,000\month.
OUTREACH - country, region, city, street.
AUIDIENCE - the maximum possible coverage of the target audience and its constant growth.
OUTGOING - payment only for the work that is spelled out in the strategy, no hidden fees.
DATA TYPE - always up-to-date information obtained from reliable sources.

Costs and results

What affects the cost of internal and external website optimization?

  • technical condition of the web resource that can be optimized;
  • target auidience;
  • the number of used marketing tools;
  • website theme;
  • the level of competition in the market of similar products and services;
  • promotion region;
  • other indicators;

What can you get while working with Golden-Web Digital?

  • comprehensive internal and external optimization of the website with improving its visibility on the Internet;
  • increased number of target and potential users of the website;
  • qualitative growth of calls and sales;
  • reduced cost of attracting one user;
  • a web resource that will become a long-term channel for attracting clients;
  • refunds are possible.
Our team of specialists
Leader of the project
  • Will determine the volume of necessary works, prospects of the project, will develop a plan and control the work of all team members..
Experienced optimizers
  • They will study the key features of the website's topics and seasonality demand for products and services that you offer, as well as substantiate the implementation of necessary technical refinements.
Copywriting team
  • Their task is to develop and accommodate on your website correct work in terms of search engines and interesting and useful content for visitors, which will enhance key requests to enhance web pages relevancy.
Programmers and HTML-designers
  • They will implement all necessary technical modifications for qualitative expansion of semantics and visibility of a website, will develop it according to requirements.
Our services
Turnkey website development

Our company develops websites in the Python programming language. A lot of satisfied customers have already received their websites created by Golden Web Digital.

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SEO website promotion

Our SEO-specialists offer a comprehensive work on your website. This strategy includes a complete analysis of the site and competitors, as well as internal and external optimization.

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Brand management

Discover your brand's soul with a comprehensive approach to business Creative from the Golden-Web Digital team

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Golden Web Digital designers offer a full range of services from corporate identity to logobooks. We take into account all requests of the client.

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Google Ads set up

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