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June 6, 2023, 2:35 p.m.

Golden Web Digital is a digital marketing and web development company in Ukraine that aims to achieve high quality results and change the way people think about online business in Ukraine. We believe in a transparent and unique approach to working with our clients, which is why we take the time to explain our SEO strategies for website and brand promotion in detail so that customers understand each stage of work and its impact on business development. We are constantly learning, improving, and striving to prove our professionalism through our own efforts, so if you are looking for the best IT companies in Ternopil, Kyiv, Zaporizhzhia, etc. – you're in the right place!


A carefully developed website promotion strategy – first step to achieving the best results

First, you need to understand what is SEO website promotion? This is a certain action plan for improving a web resource, the purpose of which is to increase its position in search engines. Unfortunately, the work of inexperienced optimizers is not new, and many companies simply waste money by entrusting dubious "professionals" with the development of their websites. Having decided to change the situation, we have created our own team to help Ukrainian online businesses, consisting of people who are passionate about their work, who are constantly developing and achieving high results in various projects, building long-term partnerships based on trust and mutual success.

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Our range of services includes SEO website optimization, Python website development, brand management, and graphic design services for creating company styles and logos. In addition, our expertise also extends to contextual advertising, social media promotion, and targeted advertising aimed at developing your brand, increasing traffic, and improving search engine rankings.

Our team is a well-coordinated system in which everyone performs their role as efficiently as possible: project managers ensure the coherence of actions of all team members, SEO specialists are masters of collecting and analyzing semantics, they work with external optimization, create relevance maps, templates for generating meta tags, and terms of reference for our copywriters, who have an important task - analyzing our clients' business and creating interesting content that resonates with our clients' target audience. Designers develop logos and company styles, and the statistics department helps track performance and provide information to optimize our strategies. Last but not least, web developers with extensive knowledge of programming will help you design your website, properly configure it, and make sure that it is well indexed, no matter what your search engine optimization goals are: increasing the number of visitors, improving your site's position in Google, improving your site's ranking in search results, or all of the above.

One of the key aspects of our comprehensive approach is the right website promotion strategy, on which much, if not everything, depends. We do not imitate competitors who rely on standard methods, but work according to our own plan, adapted to the specific needs and goals of the customer.

We believe in honest and transparent practices, so this collaborative approach allows us to optimize our efforts and maximize productivity to achieve the desired results.

An equally important part of our work that should not be overlooked is technical website optimization, which involves improving its technical aspects to make the site easily accessible and visible to search engines. Technical optimization covers website speed, mobile responsiveness, website architecture, etc. - elements that affect user experience, search engine rankings, and the elimination of interruptions. In general, website problems can have different levels of criticality - from very critical to low critical. The most common ones include:

⦿ Broken links;

⦿ Slow loading of pages;

⦿ Incorrect URL structure.

Our team is vigilant about identifying and fixing these errors to ensure that our clients' websites are optimized for maximum performance and user experience. To learn more about the errors, we invite you to read the article at the following link.


From Zero to Hero: how proper SEO optimization can improve your website's ranking

When working on a website, it is extremely important to create top-notch content that does not violate the rules of search engines, as this may result in sanctions being imposed on the web resource, which may even lead to its complete removal from search results. That is why we do not use standard methods or shortcuts that could jeopardize the operation of our clients' websites. Our promotion strategy is a carefully thought-out SEO website optimization. The goal is to provide the best user experience and increase potential customer traffic, so we use only a high-quality, honest, and thoughtful approach that helps achieve the desired results.

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lineGraph 1: The graph shows the progress of the website developed on the Horoshop platform in 5 months since its launch. Our team formed a strategy for its launch and further optimization, which led to an increase in organic traffic.

promotion of a commercial site golden web

lineFigure 2: The graph shows the growth of organic traffic for 8 months of work in a high-frequency niche. In the first three months, the strategy was aimed at fixing errors, and in the fourth month, active work on internal and external optimization began, which led to a complete restructuring of the site structure, changing the main language version to Ukrainian and increasing revenue.

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lineGraph 3: The graph shows changes in organic traffic for the 11th month of operation. The site faced the problem of high traffic and low transaction rate due to the fact that most of the traffic came from non-targeted information requests. As a result, our team focused on "cleaning up" the mass of external links by removing a large number of blog articles that led to untargeted traffic and focused on reducing the bounce rate. This led to a drop in organic traffic, but not a drop in revenue.

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lineGraph 4: The graph shows data for a website that we have been working with since its launch for 6 years. Initially, the site was developed using the Wordpress CMS system, but in 2019, a new one was created using the Python programming language. The niche is high-frequency and regional, with a slight decline in organic search due to the military actions last year.

how to improve the position of the site goldenweb digital

lineGraph 5: This shows the launch schedules of two websites: one on the Horoshop platform, the other developed by our team using Python (which, by the way, is monolingual). The niches are equivalent in terms of search frequency.

how to set up site optimization golden web digital

lineGraph 6: Next, we see the rapid growth of organic traffic over 4 years of website promotion for a manufacturer that also specializes in wholesale sales. Note that the niche is high-frequency, the site was created on Horoshop.

improving the position of the site in the issue goldenweb

lineGraph 7: The last graph shows the change in organic traffic over 8 months of working with a website in a high-frequency niche. Since the site was created on Prom Ua, it was impossible to adjust the restrictions in the technical indicators due to the fact that the code is closed.

Based on the data provided, we can conclude that an integrated approach to working with websites, monitoring their technical condition and implementing optimization strategies has proven successful in increasing traffic and revenue for our clients. Despite challenges such as low-frequency niches, technical limitations, and external optimization issues, we were able to offer effective strategies and solutions to overcome these obstacles. In addition, long-term partnerships with some clients also show that our company provides reliable and continuous support for online business development.

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At Golden Web Digital, we believe that the key to achieving the best results for our clients is a comprehensive approach to website optimization. Our team of IT optimizers understands that every aspect of website promotion, from technical optimization to external factors, has a significant impact on its positioning in search engines.

We are excited to announce a series of videos in which we will take a closer look at the importance of each stage of website development: from the importance of proper advertising to creating unique content and external optimization, we will provide valuable information and practical tips to help you achieve the best results for your website. So, stay tuned - we look forward to sharing our knowledge and helping you succeed in your online business!

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