About the project

Setting up contextual advertising from Golden Web for a cosmetics storeOur cooperation with this online store began with one ad campaign - retargeting, which worked "in unison" with contextual advertising. Back then we couldn’t even imagine what results we would be able to achieve. But now, after more than five months of work, we are ready to share some really great numbers!

Targeting settings - the results achieved by the Golden Web Digital team

  • Period - 04.07.2022-16.12.2022
  • Income from Google Analytics - 2 111 993 UAH
  • Total amount of expenses - 669,69$ (27 027,6 UAH)
  • Total number of coverages - 72 057
  • Total number of impressions - 331 866
  • Total number of conversions - 905
  • Total number of additions to the cart - 1601
  • Total number of clicks - 10 400

Targeting setup results

Results according to Google Analytics:

Targeting in social networks


Yes, we really made 2 million! But behind this amount of money there is not only retargeting, but also active work on Google Shopping and SEO, which attracted the maximum number of target users to the website and helped retargeting to give such great results. So teamwork involving several specialists is a great option for business development ;)

The retargeting advertising campaign worked and brought leads to the client for several months, after which we decided to scale up and attract additional advertising campaigns. As a result our targeted ad specialists are working with retargeting, with the site itself, and with the social media of the japanese cosmetics store.


Each business is an individual that needs an individual approach, but no matter what, it is sometimes worth taking a little risk, testing, waiting, waiting, waiting... Especially when it comes to targeted advertising. But don’t be scared! As you can see from our example, waiting and all "experiments" help to achieve the coolest results! Interested? Then contact us :)

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