Client: online pet store for dogs and other animals


  • site transfer with saving the results 
  • increase in organic traffic
  • setting up targeted queries on the site to bring potential clients on organic search

Website issues:

  • The transition of the site from the Opencart CMS to the self-written site written in the Python programming language
  • Previously, the website worked using only one language - russian. The task is to properly optimize the Ukrainian version of the website
  • Change the structure of the site for better usability. After changing the structure, it was necessary to give the Search Engine time to completely re-index the pages
  • Slow loading. Because it was not possible to make the correct technical optimization due to technical problems
  • Duplicate pages and meta tags on the site

SEO and development - close cooperation for better indexing of the website 

The client previously worked with Golden Web Digital on SEO promotion, but the site was constantly experiencing technical difficulties. Specialists tried to eliminate them on their own, but over time it became impossible and the client agreed to switch to a self-written resource. During the developing of the website, SEO specialists worked closely with the project developers and gave their advice and wishes, so that in the future the website will be well indexed by search engines and meet algorithms of Google, in particular:

  • set the canonial attribute correctly to avoid further duplication of pages.
  • remove html headers on site pages, as they can only be used for promotion purposes and contain the necessary key queries.
  • correct setting of the site mirror to avoid duplication of the site.
  • and other.

At the development stage, we created a logical structure of the site - programmers easily implemented it on this project. This structure was also taken into account when creating the site design.

A strategy was created for the transfer, which included the following list of tasks:

  • setting redirects to all pages of the website - about 600 pages
  • transfer blog to save results - 100 articles
  • translation of the blog into Ukrainian
  • create the correct robots.txt file
  • optimization of site pages, including creating a technical task for writing unique content using relevant semantics, writing the necessary meta tags (title, description), as well as alt-attributes to images, writing html-titles relevant to each page.

After writing the website, Golden Web specialists carried out the above-mentioned works, after which a full re-audit of the site was performed. In the screenshot we see the results of indexing, which were obtained after the transfer.

результати сайту після перенесення

After moving and opening the website for the index, a detailed crawling of the resource was done, which showed us that 99% of all pages entered the index and 99% with 200 OK response code.

The server response category 2x is the Success category. This category informs users about a positive result. In particular, the code "200 OK" tells the user that their request was successfully completed. Today, all search engines index resources and links that provide a response code of 200 to queries. The search engine understands this: the page really exists, so it can be included in the index database.

індексація сайту

100% індексація сайту

Next steps to promote a pet supplies website by IT-company Golden Web Digital

There is always something to strive for and something to improve. Therefore, the next actions of SEO-specialists will be to improve the position of the website in search results, as well as increase organic traffic and the number of orders.

In the first three months after the launch of the website we plan to continue working with the main queries of the site through internal and external optimization, as well as partially expand the semantics with which we will work.

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