About the project
  • Customer: Knitwear factory
  • Service: Google Shopping.
  • Region: Ukraine.
  • Advertising budget: UAH 26,000.


  1. Increasing the amount of traffic;
  2. Increasing the target audience for the website;
  3. Increase conversions.

Advertising campaigns: performed works

Adjustment work began with the trading campaign to cover absolutely all product lines.

Product ads are one of the cheapest ways to attract potential clients on Google Ads. But in order to run this type of ad, the online store must meet the requirements of Google Merchant Center:

  • use HTTPS protocol;
  • availability of a page with a description of payment and delivery options;
  • availability of a page with a description of the return of goods and money;
  • physical address, telephone, e-mail of the store;
  • correct form for contact details of the buyer;
  • clear terms of deals and discounts.

Worked on two advertising campaigns:

  • Google Shopping
  • Dynamic remarketing based on feed

Display Network marketing campaigns are a convenient and effective solution that allows you to take into account many factors in the process of managing media advertising. This is the easiest way to find new customers and increase conversions.

All these actions gave the necessary result, now we continue to work. Data from the Client's Personal Account after two months of promotion:


Results of work
Advertising platform
Google Shopping
Total clicks
74 337 кліків
СAverage cost per click
0,35 UAH
Total conversions
10 765 conversions
Statistics period
07.05.2020 – 07.09.2020
Total impressions
4 608 225 показів
Total costs
26 020 UAH
Average conversion rate
14,48 %
Data from the Google Ads Advertising Cabinet


Thanks to trading campaigns we can get:

  • high ratio of transactions, due to the informativeness of the ads;
  • low transaction cost, due to low cost of transition to the site and high transaction rate.

We've achieved great results in optimizing your Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

This case clearly shows that it is always necessary to improve the channels of involvement of specialists in the project and evaluate the impact. If the results of the work of contractors do not suit you, involve specialists, consult and do not spare resources on analytics.

On the example of this case, we see the importance of involving professionals and the results of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Are you not satisfied with the sales results of your online store? Analyze the work of advertising, conduct analytics, and do not skimp on specialists.

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