About the project
  • Customer: online pet supplies store
  • Service: Google Shopping
  • Region:: Ukraine

The main goal of the advertising campaign:

  • Engage the target audience to encourage them to make their first purchase.
  • Attracting loyal (regular) clients for another purchase.
  • Raising awareness of goods, service and brand.
The results of contextual advertising at the time of the initial audit of the account:
45 823
2 240 641
Conversions rate
4 376$
30 899$

дані після налаштування контекстної реклами

Completed works:
  1. Google Shopping set up;
  2. Implementation of the Google Shopping into groups by website categories;;
  3. Set up of dynamic parameters to create dynamic remarketing campaigns because users do not make decisions about the purchase immediately;
  4. Work on lists of negative keywords;
  5. Reducing the number of advertising campaigns, focused on conversion and their optimization;
  6. Disabling ineffective campaigns with high advertising costs, high CPA and CPC;
  7. We have created dynamic campaigns to reduce the cost-per-click and increase the number of relevant queries;
  8. Regroup keywords into separate groups. We have left the most relevant keywords, excluded those that do not bring clicks and have a low frequency. This will allow to create more relevant ads and increase the quality score;
  9. Adding expanded ads and one custom ad per group increases the quality of your ad campaign;
  10. Creating relevant headlines using keywords, specifying the benefits from the buyer's point of view.

We decided to test the Google Shopping campaigns. They may work better than contextual due to the fact that the ad already has a graphic creative and price. Such ads are a filter for clients who are still not ready to buy. Google Shopping campaigns often have higher conversion rates at a lower cost than contextual ones.

We also launched a brand campaign because competitors used our company's queries in their ads.

It was recommended to pay attention to the pages loading speed and optimize them. This will help reduce rejections and visitors who did not convert.

Here are the results we were able to achieve in the first months of work, february-may 2021:
220 347
14 254 819
Conversions rate
9 695$
69 487$

результати роботи налаштування контекстної реклами

Results for the last 4 months of work with the contextual advertising agency Golden Web:
208 539
13 697 640
Conversions rate
10 411$
168 850$
1 621%

контекстна реклама - результати налаштування

Optimization tasks have been completed, goals - increase ROAS, decrease CPA - have been achieved. Work in the account continues.

  February 2020 - May 2020 February 2021 - May 2021 August 2021 - November 2021
Clicks 45 823 220 347 208 539
Views 2 240 641 4 254 819 13 697 640
CPC; 0,10$ 0,04$ 0,05$
Conversions 941 2151 3703
Conversions rate 1,43% 0,98% 1,82%
The cost of one order 6,33$ 4,5$ 2,81$
Costs 4 376$ 9 695$ 10 411$
Revenue 30 899$ 69 487$ 168 850$
ROAS 706% 716% 1 621%

кліки покази


замовлення витрати та дохід


Conclusions and results

Over the past four months of working with the IT company Golden Web Digital revenue increased by 5.46, the number of transactions - 3.9 times, the cost of conversions decreased by 2.25 times. At the same time, ROAS increased 2.3 times.

But the most important result is that the client continues to work with us and their sincere recommendations!

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