On the example of this case we want to tell how to create a new brand image in the minds of clients with the help of social media and Google Ads, promote a new product, engage and motivate the audience, increase brand awareness and use branded queries of the target audience.

U duzhkah - multi-brand eyewear store, the global goal is to give people confidence. Our team has been working on brand development for less than a year but we have already developed emotional branding, increased our branded queries by 5 times and actively involved all the necessary tools to promote our business.

Main goals of promotion:

  • increase the number of branded queries “U Duzhkah” (affect brand awareness)
  • increase the number of eyesight tests leads
  • increase the number of sales in the optic store in Ternopil

To achieve the goals, an individual strategy was developed using targeted and contextual advertising. Since “U Duzhkah” is currently under development, we have made the most of all possible tools to achieve great results.

During the period of work:

  • Brand positioning on social media has been created
  • Brand positioning created on Google networks
  • Completed processing target audience portraits
  • Developed content strategy according to new positioning
  • An advertising strategy has been developed for each stage of the work

Target + Context - What was done by Golden Web specialists?

Targeted Advertising

To promote targeted advertising in Ads Manager we set up ad campaigns with the following goals:

  1. Coverage - to introduce people to the company.
  2. Interaction - to get the conversions we want when it comes to interacting with the content.
  3. Traffic - to increase the number of people interested in the profile and increase the number of conversions - subscription, request to the direct, purchase the eyewear, make a vision test appointment.

representation in social networkstargeted advertising for optics

target for optics creativesadvertising for optics in social networks

Contextual Advertising

  1. Search advertising for branded queries.

    Targeted at users who are already familiar with the brand or have learned about the company from the offline advertising, it allows users to get to the website as easily and quickly as possible, as well as minimize the possibility of "stealing" brand traffic by competitors.

  2. Setting up a local campaign:

    Local campaigns are designed to attract more visitors to your offline store.

    As a result we got the attendance of stores where products and the involvement of the audience in the product are available.

  3. Performance Max.

    These campaigns use automatic bidding and placement selection (ads can appear on Google search, contextual media network, YouTube and Gmail. This campaign combines standard campaigns and remarketing with contextual media networks. Video has also been added to the campaign for attracting potential customers effectively.

Goals of creatives:

  • to acquaint potential clients with the company;
  • convey the style and features of the brand in combination with the needs of customers (vision testing, purchasing glasses);
  • create U Duzhkah brand identity as a company that gives people self-confidence.

Example of creatives:


creatives for optics

creatives for the company

Promotion results

Work period december 2021 - april 2022

Google My Business has increased its key performance targets: Positive dynamics can be traced by the graph:

Google my Business growth dynamics

Data for December 2021 from Google My Business

data from Google My Business

Data for April 2022 from Google My Business

Google data my business

Dynamics of growth of company search

attendance growth dynamics

Data for December 2021 from Google My Business

Google My Business data

Data for April 2022 from Google My Business

data from the Google My Business service

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