Prepare the website for promotion

One of the most important stages of the development and launch of the website is its preparation for promotion that covers the semantics collection, optimization, development of the website structure and writing the technical task.

This is especially important for new websites both on new and old domains. The promotion of the website implies a set of actions, which is aimed at raising the score of the web resource by target users. At first glance, it seems to be difficult work with many unclear and confusing moments, but Golden-Web Digital marketing agency offers several tips that will promote the website much faster and easier, male it relevant and popular online.

Let's start with the basics: why prepare a website for its launch?
  •  For realization of its proper structure;    
  •  to accelerate the process of getting a website in the top on Google search engine results page; ·   
  •  for optimization of the website before opening for indexing; ·   
  •  to save time to promote;    
  •  to identify a domain with a web sourse’s theme.

You can leave an application for preparing your website before starting by specialists from Golden-Web Digital, the cost of which will depend on your theme and volume of work.

Realization of which components involves preparing a website before launching and promoting?
  1.   Analysis of a business niche. It is carried out in order to determine the promise of conducting and advertising business in this niche or on the target market, as well as the study of the current level of competition.   
  2.   Building a semantic core. Since Google constantly improves its own algorithms and presents only those pages that match the user's requests that are needed to create a wide semantic core to enter your website to the top based on Google search engine results page. For example, if the user is looking for a "red women's dress", then the website must have such a separate page that will be created specifically in accordance with each group of key words. In this case, the pages of categories should include high-, and pages of filters medium- and low search volumes. 
  3.  Semantic core clustering. It provides systematization of key words and requests that are interconnected and are offered by search engine results in groups (clusters). This allows you to form a structure that will contain hundreds and thousands of users’ search requests and will be ordered. 
  4.  Building of the structure of the website in the form of the hierarchical interconnection of all pages. At this stage, there is a visualization of the structure in the form of a pyramid, at the top of which is located the main page, and at the foot - news for news portals, products for online shops and articles for blogs. 
  5.   Participation in the writing of a technical task for the development of your website, which provides for its future compliance with the search engine algorithms. 
  6.   Full optimization of the project including optimization of all website pages according to its structure, writing content, prescribing all necessary meta-tags, ALT attributes in images, as well as selection of images and saving relevancy on pages. 
  7.   To evaluate the results you need to connect services for analysis including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager and customize goals, conversions and electronic commerce. 
  8.   Audit of the website before launching. We work on re-verification of the website for its compliance with the algorithms of the search engine. 

Simultaneously, you need to take into account that the search engine promotion of the website is a long-term process since the preparation and placement of a great content, that will have demand, and the configuration of the links, - work that requires a lot of time. In order for the domain to have a small history and earn the trust of search engines, SEO-specialists of our company have gathered the basis of reference to authoritative resources, we buy necessary and publish optimized texts in thematic blogs and special forums.

It is important from the very beginning to pay attention to SEO-optimization of the website, since it actually represents a clean sheet or a medal with two sides, one of which is the possibility of a proper organization of work since the start, and from the other - the need to find time to work out all the nuances and getting in to Google's search engine. Remember that the website promotion effort will be consolidated if it will seem to be unclear and suspicious.

Realization of which components involves preparing a website before launching and promoting?
  1.  Think of optimization options before the launch of the website: check your texts for their uniqueness, set up interstitial links, URLs and server answers that will be clear for average users. 
  2.  Develop and expand content at all stages of the website promotion. 
  3.  Form the correct headlines that meet your business goals. 
  4.  Make sure your brand\product\service has regular mentions to boost SEO ranking for your young website. 
  5.  In every way block spam because it makes a website suspicious for search engines. 
  6.   Make web resources open and transparent for users: specify the company's name information, its business specialization, actual address, mobile phone and a map. Localization SEO will significantly increase the chances to put one in bullseye and find "their" customers. 
  7.  Your website better be listed to the local business list - then Google will consider it legal. 
  8.  Conduct monitoring of keywords and evaluate the success of search promotion of the website on a regular basis. This will help you make decisions for further business development. 
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Entrust any work to highly skilled professionals. It is important for the constant improvement of the website and its ratio to user requests and modern advertising trends corresponding to real professionals - Golden-Web Digital team. Сonfidently entrust your own website to us!

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