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Website Launch

Thorough planning and goal execution embody the overarching vision of launching a website into the search network. We, an IT company from Ternopil - Golden-Web Digital, understand this well, so we prioritize various aspects to ensure the functionality of our clients' websites online. Here is the work plan at the initial stage:

►Technical Aspect Analysis: We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the technical elements of the site, as technical SEO optimization is fundamental to the site's interaction with search engines. By identifying and resolving technical issues, we enhance performance and improve user experience.
►Competitor Analysis: Understanding competitive strategies is crucial for creating unique strategies of our own, which is why we conduct detailed analyses of competitor sites to gather necessary information and develop effective working methods.
►Redirects Upon Domain Change: In case of a domain change, we meticulously plan and implement redirect maps while maintaining ratings and ensuring user verification.

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►Keyword Research and Semantic Analysis: We invest time in researching relevant keywords tailored to the niche and target audience, which enhances the website's visibility and positioning in search results.
►Website Structure Formation and Implementation: The features of the website structure are developed based on competitor research results. This improves site navigation and attracts more users.
►Meta Tag Optimization: Creating unique meta tags for each page is crucial. This prevents duplication and ensures consistent search results, ultimately improving site visibility.
►Homepage Optimization: Optimizing main pages is paramount for improving visibility and ranking in search engines, so we use strategic methods to enhance them.
►Integration of Analytical Tools: Connecting analyzers to the site allows for comprehensive tracking and analysis of performance metrics.

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Launching a website in the Google search engine is a pivotal moment as it lays the groundwork for its visibility and success in search results.

Ordering a website launch from Golden-Web means receiving comprehensive support. Our team provides internet marketing services that cover various optimization aspects. By establishing a strong foundation during the launch, we pave the way for stable visibility and increasing user engagement with your resource.