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Golden-Web Digital, an IT company, is an official Google Premium Partner! This is a significant achievement for us as we have been providing quality internet marketing services since 2015, not only to our regular clients but also to international partners. Why was it important for us to attain Google Partners status? Because it is a unique marketing program for advertising agencies, IT companies, etc., who manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or companies.

official Google partnership in Ukraine Golden-Web Digital - IT company

Golden-Web Digital – an IT company that holds the official Google Partners status

Google contextual advertising is a matter for true professionals. We, the GW team, have put forth maximum effort to earn the valuable "Google Partner" badge. New clients wishing to order contextual advertising from us can be confident in the effectiveness of the results and can boldly collaborate with us on a permanent basis.

What did our IT company in Ternopil, Golden-Web Digital, do to become an official Google Premium Partner?

► Certification

We successfully passed the Google Ads exam. The certification is conducted on the independent portal Skillshop. Our team showed excellent results after completing both the basic and advanced courses on "Google Ads," and now we have a certificate confirming our IT company's qualification in internet advertising.

► Spending Levels

To attain the respective status, we reached a set level of advertising expenditure. Having an advertising account with a high budget is direct evidence of Golden-Web Digital's financial stability. For instance, over the last three months, we have invested over $10,000 in advertising on Google.

► Effective Solutions

GW specialists implemented an effective strategy to expand the customer base and scale the business. High performance metrics also indicate stability: revenue growth for clients directly affects the profit growth of the IT company. Our contextual advertising services fully justify their cost as we guarantee effective results.

More about Google Partners can be learned here.

Internet marketing services from IT company Golden-Web Digital – your chance to take your business to the next level!

So, why should you order contextual advertising from us? Considering the official "Google Partner" status, we can offer you more than competitors.

Advantages of Turning to IT Company Golden-Web Digital:

Knowledge and Experience: When you order Google partner contextual advertising setup, you know that your marketing strategies are in the hands of Google certified analysts, for whom Google advertising is a daily job. This collaboration provides confidence that the IT company’s staff meet the current standards regarding the most effective account management practices.
Cost Savings: Appropriate experience and excellent knowledge of Google Ads functionalities allow us to set up advertising campaigns in the most advantageous way. Understanding bid settings for ads, daily budget size, and keyword selection ensures achieving desired results with the most accurate expenses. Before ordering internet marketing, you can consult with our experts about approximate investments in advertising.
Direct Access to Google: We are constantly in touch with our manager who is familiar with our client base, therefore, we guarantee a prompt response to any issues that may arise: decreased performance, potential threats to the client, technical nuances, etc.

The presence of the badge confirms that Golden-Web is an official Google partner, making it truly safe to order contextual advertising from us. You can be 100% confident that our experts utilize the most effective Google Ads tools in their work and assist even startup businesses in scaling up.

Value of the Badge

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IT-company with a partnership with Google Golden-Web Digital

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Order contextual advertising from Google Partners Golden-Web Digital

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Golden-Web Digital, an IT company from Ternopil, is the official partner of Google in Ukraine

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Contextual advertising – a proven method for promoting and expanding your business prospects

Why should you order Google Ads contextual advertising in Ukraine? Here are a few arguments:

►Our SEO experts are true professionals who employ current internet marketing trends.

►We know how to conduct a successful and profitable online advertising campaign.

►Google advertising will only be displayed on relevant queries, thanks to the proper selection of the semantic core of the website and the exclusion of negative keywords.

►GW designers know how to create ad creatives that will not annoy new clients.

►As part of PPC, we optimize your advertising to minimize the cost per click for marketing tasks optimization.

►Contextual advertising for your site will increase your profits with minimal investment.

If you are interested in contextual advertising in Ternopil or any other city in Ukraine, submit an application on our website golden-web.digital. All details regarding collaboration are discussed on an individual basis. To become a Google Partner or join collaboration with its official partners, follow the link..