The client is a clothing manufacturer


  • saving the results after moving the site from Prom to Horoshop;
  • increase organic traffic to the site;
  • bringing the target audience to the site;
  • correct translation of the site with the entry of Ukrainian semantics.

Site issues:

  • transfer of the site from the marketplace to the Horoshop platform;
  • the Prom site was optimized only in Russian;
  • the site was published on key queries of the category, on the main queries of the site was not published.

The client has worked with the company before on Promi and all the work was aimed at promoting the categories of the site. However, in August 2020 he asked for help with the transfer of the site to Horoshop.

Prior to the transfer of the site, in July 2020 there were the following results:

website transfer results

Works that were aimed at transferring the site

  1. First you had to register the site on the Horoshop platform, connect the necessary design and make all the settings for the client.
  2. The next important step to preserve the results was to create a document with 301 redirects. This file was transferred to Horoshop Technical Support.
  3. Creating a site migration strategy that includes meta-tags for site pages, updating site semantics, and optimizing individual pages.

One month after the transfer, the following results were obtained.

website transfer

We see that in September 2020, the site's indicators are 1.1 thousand clicks per month, 22.9 thousand impressions per month, the average position of the site was 32.3.

The figures have not changed, that is, we can say that the transfer took place without losing the results of the site.

After the implementation of the migration structure, a document was formed with the following SEO-strategy, which included work on Internal and External optimization, which were aimed at promoting the general queries of the site, as well as the queries of certain categories.

Over the year, we see changes in the growth of site traffic, this is clearly seen in the growth of clicks on the site, amounting to 2.46 thousand per month.

Target users began to come to the site, as evidenced by the average CTR of 6.8%. CTR is the ratio of impressions to clicks.

saving the results of website transfer

Subsequent work to promote the manufacturer's website by Golden Web

After achieving positive results, the next work will be aimed at maintaining these indicators of the site, as well as improving them for this site.

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