Про проект
  • Customer: Wholesale cosmetics store
  • Service: Google Shopping
  • Region: Ukraine
  • Advertising budget: UAH 5,000.
  • Goal: Increase sales


  1. increase traffic from contextual advertising through new audiences;
  2. increase the volume of transactions;
  3. increase market share compared to major competitors.

Setting up commercial advertising: Gradual implementation of works


The main source of conversions to the site - organic traffic from google (so-called SEO-traffic), referral traffic (traffic from other sites) and social networks.

Because the customer has not had any ads before, a new Google Account has been created. An account has been created to set up trading campaigns

Merchant Center and generated feed data on goods. Google Analytics operated on the site, but only transactions were tracked there.

The work on launching trade campaigns was divided into two stages.

The first step is the technical part - creating and setting up a Google Merchant Center account, which includes:

  • verification of the site's compliance with the requirements of Google Merchant Center;
  • create a Google Merchant Center account;
  • confirmation of site ownership;
  • creation of a vehicle for feed and formation of a feed;
  • check and download the feed system;

The second step is to work in your Google Ads account:

  • creation of trade campaigns according to the developed structure;
  • strategy selection and testing;
  • efficiency analysis;
  • launch smart campaigns;
  • launch dynamic remarketing.
Results of work
Advertising platform
Google Shopping
Total clicks
20 087
Average cost per click
0,23 UHN
Total conversions
1844 conversions
Statistics period
Total impressions
1 206 537
Total costs
4 709 UHN
Average conversion rate
9,18 %
Amount of transactions
67 959
Data from the Google Ads Advertising Cabinet
results from google ads account
Google Analytics data
data from google analytics

There have been many more conversions. The result improved and was recorded almost immediately after the changes. All work has led to an increase in the number of conversions.

Setting up an advertising campaign and deep immersion in the business processes of the customer, has reduced the cost of the application more than twice and increased the percentage of conversions, because the site received only targeted traffic, only people interested in buying.

This case shows that even with a relatively small budget it is possible to get cool results and attract a new active target audience. The customer is satisfied with the results, so the cooperation continues.

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