• website development in the Python programming language;
  • site synchronization with 1C and Bitrix24;
  • development of modules for unloading goods in merchant center, as well as the formation of a feed for ADS manager FB;
  • save the results from the previous website which was developed on the CMS system OpenCart.

Preliminary analysis

The target audience of the website is people who have pets. The site should be convenient and logical for any visitor.

Detailed description of the project.

The client has been working with the IT company Golden Web Digital for over 2 years. The first request was for SEO promotion of the existing website. The site was developed on the CMS system OpenCart. The audit of the website revealed many technical problems, namely:

  • inconsistency of the website with Google search engine algorithms;
  • incorrect operation of the SEO module;
  • incorrect operation of filters on the website;
  • the presence of scripts of unknown origin in the code which blocked the correct indexing of the site;
  • long loading of website pages;
  • poor hosting where the website was hosted;
  • the presence of viruses in existing modules.

The specialists of the SEO department audited the website and passed the list of errors for correction to the web development department of our company. And due to the fact that several developers have already worked with this website, it was extremely difficult to do so, because the architecture of the website was not thought out, a large number of non-working modules were found, the removal of which led to problems with the website! Some errors were corrected, but for example to configure the current operation of the SEO module, it was impossible. There were also problems with generating sitemaps. The client was warned about it. Optimizers have started working with the website. But after a while there were dos attacks on the website, due to poor hosting, where there was no appropriate protection. Therefore, the website was transferred to a separate server and accordingly there was a re-cleaning of the website from viruses. All these works were carried out during the month after which optimizers continued to work with the website. We also launched contextual advertising and Google Shopping. All this time the website had problems with its load speed due to the presence of a large number of modules on the site which could not be removed because there were problems with various functions. The situation got worse when the site's traffic grew so we had problems with Google Ads as well. There was also a constant problem with the operation of modules because developers didn't always update them. Due to problems with the site architecture, the indexing of website categories was extremely poor, so SEO specialists were forced to look for a way out by creating custom pages to bring semantics to the website.

There was also an attempt to synchronize the website with Bitrix24 and 1C but this led to an increase in database queries and the website stopped working at all. In order to fix this problem it was necessary to rewrite the Database. And due to the big amount of problems the owners decided to create a new website.

Work with the project began with the analysis of competitors and the formation of technical task for the web development. The client already has clearly defined requirements for the functionality of the website. So it was our task to put all their wishes into a technical task, as well as to build the logic of the work and the architecture of the website.

The deadlines were quite short - 3 months because the existing website was not working anymore. As a result, many development processes took place simultaneously.


Project description

  • publication of all items at the same time with a "purchase" button next to each, also for each option it is possible to set a separate discount. There is also a calculation of the price per kilogram for each option;
  • loyalty program;
  • 2 types of discounts, depending on the type of discount is the calculation of the cost of goods for the client;
  • different types of promo codes - for the amount (gift certificates) and promo codes for % discounts. Also one of the types of discounts does not add up to promo codes and loyalty program discounts;
  • the cost of delivery also listed automatically on the website, depends on the amount of the order and the type of discount;
  • multifilter - one attribute can have several values ​​(for example, food can be for medium and large breeds). A multifilter was created to avoid duplication of goods;
  • detailed checkout with the ability to fill in the most accurate data to receive the product, which simplifies the work of managers, reduces the time to process orders;
  • in the client's personal account it is possible to save addresses for delivery of goods, as well as to repeat any previously placed order, or individual units of previously placed orders. This way, buyers do not need to collect the basket every time. This is an opportunity to add the product to favorites and comparisons.
  • synchronization with 1C and Bitrix24;
  • for the convenience of the work of logisticians there is an opportunity to load the necessary orders in the table or to form the consignment note to print it later;
  • the admin panel is convenient for managers and order processing. It is also possible to place an order from any customer because orders will often be placed over the phone. Also if the client registers via Facebook or Google account, during the first purchase the phone is automatically added to the user's account.
  • developed unique software for forming feeds in the merchant center and Facebook Ads Manager. This makes work easier for the specialists.

This is only a small part of the functionality that is implemented on the website In the future, the website will be actively improved, and it is planned to actively increase the range to at least 20 thousand items. Python programming language is used to implement the website, as there are no restrictions on the functionality. Also there is an opportunity to improve the admin panel of the website to the level of a CRM system. There are also no problems with synchronization. The team of IT developers of Golden Web Digital has developed a unique software for synchronizing the site with accounting programs - such as 1C, Bitrix24 and others. The exchange takes place using Json files. Another important point is that, for example, the order is not immediately transferred to Bitrix24 and 1C, but in the order of the queue, which does not slow down the website.

The website is also synchronized with the SMS service TurboSMS.

Why did we choose the Python programming language web framework Django to develop this website?

Python programming language allows you to develop not only websites of any complexity but also a variety of software, CRM systems, mobile apps. There are no restrictions for the customer if they want to improve the website in the future.

Website development using the Django web framework provides protection against viruses, high traffic to the website.

The site is developed based on the technical task of the customer, respectively, there are no extra pieces of code that are often found on CMS systems, which leads to an increase in the weight of the website, and as a consequence it reduces the speed.

As well as many benefits that you can learn from our specialists (0967729137)

To transfer the website SEO specialists have developed a strategy for launching the site which ensured the transfer of the site without any loss of results!

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