About the project
  • Launch of the website on the Horoshop platform
  • Previously, a template website on the Prom.ua marketplace
  • Service: Google Shopping
  • Network - Google Ads;
  • Geotargeting - Ukraine, except Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk;
  • Advertising budget: UAH 45,000\3 months
  • Goal: Increase sales and transactions through the website.

Stages of setting up Google Shopping

A number of such works were carried out this month:

  1. Create an Google Ads and Merchant Center advertising cabinet and customize it.
  2. Target and audience settings in Google Analytics.
  3. A number of internal Google Ads, Merchant Center and Google Analytics connections have been made.
  4. Creating and forming a feed to launch a commercial advertising campaign. Its import into Google Merchant Center.
  5. The Google shopping advertising campaign for all products has been created and appropriate work has been carried out to optimize it. In addition, at the beginning of the cooperation, the range of products was segmented into groups for easier analysis and adjustment.
  6. Several advertising campaigns have been created according to the structure of the site. For each campaign, a number of works were done to optimize it.

Because the customer is engaged in various products. we've moved the structure of his site to Google Merchant Center. In this way, we can now quickly turn on and off the right products from advertising.

Created a simple sales campaign, as well as campaigns for remarketing, dynamic remarketing based on the feed of product ads. For each of the campaigns, we monitored and redistributed the budget according to the number of sales. More efficient campaigns received more budget funds, weaker ones received less. Once a week, we managed bid manually to reduce potential customers and increase conversion rates. As shown in the screenshot below, we launched different product categories in individual product campaigns. This strategy has proven to be effective. In addition to these methods, other ways to optimize the campaign will be used, which do not allow the cost of clicks to increase. And work on reducing them to get more new users within this budget.

Results of work
Advertising platform
Google Shopping
Total clicks
94 446 кліків
Average cost per click
0,48 грн
Total conversions
15 111 конверсій
Statistics period
01.03.2021 – 31.05.2021
Total impressions
6 391 609 views
Total costs
44 984.67 UAH
Average conversion rate
Amount of transactions
332 711,00 UAH
Data from the Google Ads Advertising Cabinet


Google Analytics data


As a result, contextual advertising provided:

  • Constant work with the advertising campaign allows you to increase the number of direct transactions, thereby reducing the cost of each transaction.
  • For almost 3 months of working with us, the advertising campaign brought direct sales of 332 000 UAH only through the website.
  • The largest amount of relevant traffic coming to the website comes from advertising;
  • Stable flow of transactions.
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