Targeted advertising

is a form of promotion on social media focused on specific target audience according to clearly defined parameters. This type of advertising appeared approximately at the same time as social media when advertisers based on databases of personal data began to make address lists of people who could be interested in their offer. This allows you to distinguish from a huge immense audience segment that can be interested in your product or service. These are potential clients, an audience that is potentially interested in your offer, while the audience may not know anything about the company or service.

Why do you need targeted advertising


Attract target audience
  • • Professional setting of targeted advertising allows you to show your advertisements to those who are seriously interested in your product.
Sales growth
  • Since targeting allows you to tell about your offers as much as possible to interested users, you get an increase in conversion rate. As a consequence, you get more sales and profit indicators are steadily growing.
Popularization of your brand on social media
  • You can promote not only the product of the company, but also share novelties, talk about interesting sales, principles of the company and its life as a whole. Customers appreciate the openness of the brands and monitor their activities with special interest.
Why us?
Why do you need a target from us?

For us, each setting of advertising is a separate kind of art. We always strive for better results [better than yesterday]. Before setting up advertising we delve into the product or service of our client and create an effective strategy in the head which is being implemented in the advertising account afterwards. We are always open to feedback and happy to communicate with the client because from the beginning we live the stage of targeted ad together.

Our ad creatives
Targeted advertising on Facebook

Facebook shows advertising that is relevant to the interests of visitors, excluding aggressive promotion of brands, goods or services. The user can manage the advertisement on their own, using the "Hide" or "I do not want to see it," Why do I see it? " buttons. Currently, Facebook's targeting system is one of the most functional and detailed: advertisers can use not only classic filters (age, gender, place of residence), but also narrow (interests, hobbies, behavioral factors). For example, Facebook knows and uses unique demographic filters: wedding, anniversary, far from home and others. Social media also offers various information display formats: on a computer, mobile phone.

Targeted advertising on Instagram

This type of advertising is suitable for businesses that will be able to show their content in an attractive and stylish way. Users of this platform perceive information on emotions, you can bribe them with bright pictures and short interesting stories. This is a great place for forming an image and reputation. Age of the main audience of this social media: from 16 to 40.


Targeted advertising
by Golden-Web Digital includes

Audit of your accounts

Creating a detailed portrait of your target audience

Working on advertising strategy of your brand

Creating advertisement

Setting up an advertising campaign

Testing and optimization


Creating a report and approval of further strategy

Professional setting of targeted advertising will help achieve the desired results in a short time. Often people try to customize online advertising on their own, believing that this will help reduce costs, but in most cases the same opposite result is obtained. If you do not want to spend money for nothing and strive to increase the number of sales, it is worth ordering targeted advertising.

Targeted ad:
  • Analysis of the niche, the definition of the sales funnel
  • Development of advertising strategy
  • Identification of TA
  • Working on creatives
  • Set up and run advertising campaigns
  • Testing, identifying effective campaigns
  • Advertising optimization
  • Retargeting settings
  • Creating a monthly report, analysis of results
  • and planning for the next month
  • 4500 UAH
Social media management:
  • Creating an SMM strategy
  • Page design
  • Development and approval of a content plan
  • Instagram & Facebook posting - 12 posts/month
  • Regular publication of stories
  • Conducting giveaways
  • Generating ideas for content
  • Creating a monthly report, analysis of results and planning
  • for the next month
  • * photoshoots and video shooting if necessary
  • від 5000 UAH
Our services
Turnkey website development

Our company develops websites in the Python programming language. A lot of satisfied customers have already received their websites created by Golden Web Digital.

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SEO website promotion

Our SEO-specialists offer a comprehensive work on your website. This strategy includes a complete analysis of the site and competitors, as well as internal and external optimization.

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Social media management

SMM - promoting your business on social media. Our team offers quality and creative management of your Facebook and Instagram accounts.

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Golden Web Digital designers offer a full range of services from corporate identity to logobooks. We take into account all requests of the client.

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Google Ads set up

Contextual advertising - one of the most effective ways to attract the target audience to your website. Our specialists offer quality Google ads services: from set up to full management.