Social media marketing

Marketing in social media, brand promotion, website or person with business pages in social media. Nowadays this is not only about pretty pictures and videos, but also about showing your project from the inside out and understanding the needs of the audience. Our SMM is focused on emphasizing brand's individuality and qualitative communication with potential clients. After all, we create a clear, progressive marketing so that your project not only exists, but also thrives.


Promotion in social media from
Golden-Web - how will this help your business?

Company recognition

Now even the smallest store or beginner has their own page in social media. After all, they know - their target audience is easier to find there than on the street.

Keeping clients

Most users communicate with brands in social media, so it is important to constantly support customer interest in your business.


When buying a certain service or product, we will most likely express our opinion about it on social media. So companies receive feedback from their clients and these “reviews” can be helpful with attracting new potential customers.

Increasing level of credibility

Now, looking at the social media of any company you can draw conclusions about its success, customers and values. And it is weird when there are no pages, and finding something about the company is getting difficult.


The client will interact with a familiar brand that formed some first impression on them. Therefore, it is worth the progress of business from the very beginning to declare themselves as a unique, special brand on the market.

Ads for new products and services

It is difficult to increase sales immediately with the usual product announcement. Now it is important for clients to find out all details, reviews (and even sales) to purchase.

Where to begin?

We provide comprehensive SMM services in social media, including creation and regular support of the corporate page in a defined social media, integration of the page or community with the client's website, monitoring and communicating with users at an initial stage, conducting giveaways, surveys and presents, advertising activity and regular reporting. In addition, SMM promotion services in social media are most effective with targeted advertising.

Steps of SMM promotion
by Golden Web

Gather and analyze information

An analysis of the target audience, selection of the correct social media, detailed analysis of competitors and the analysis of previous promotions (if necessary). We define a key performance indicator (an increase in the audience, coverage of pages, brand positioning, etc.).

Strategy for promotion

Taking into account the features of the company and the product and coming up with a clear plan, which includes a posts scheduler, collaboration with bloggers, organization of sales, giveaways, etc. for a certain period of time.

Content plan

Creating a content plan, the goal of which is to show a feature of the company and improve communication with the audience. This also includes the creation of a heading (alternating informative and entertainment posts), a tone of submission of information, preparation of materials and the approval of the content plan.

Corporate style

Creation of a visual concept that suits the company and its target audience. This includes: creation of a visual, highlights, logo (if necessary), banners, advertising creatives.

Project launch

Approval of all project details (analysis of the target audience, definу a key performance indicator, strategy, content plan, corporate style) and the beginning of promotion.

Analysis of results

Preparation of an effective report for a month of cooperation (drawing up statistics, analysis of the results of promotion). Create a strategy for the next month.

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