About the project

Client - wholesale online store of clothes and shoes


  • transferring website with results saved
  • increase organic traffic
  • place targeted queries on the website to attract potential clients from the organic search


  • Website transferring. Transfer from Prom to the self-written website.
  • Multilingual website. Website on Prom was optimized only in one language (russian) and was translated in Ukrainian incorrectly.
  • Convenience of the website for users. One of the most important aspects of website promotion is the convenience of the online store for potential buyers, the ability to get to the desired category in a few logical clicks to make a purchase. To do this the structure of the website was completely changed so it was necessary to give some time for complete re-indexing of the website by search engines.
  • The main style of the website. No less important aspect, of course, is the attractiveness of the website - Prom didn’t have a holistic design and concept of the website. The designer worked with SEO specialists on the design of pages, banners and text content so that the graphic content was not only attractive but also as useful as possible to promote the site.

The client contacted the company in April 2021. The task for our specialists was the correct transfer of the website, setting up redirects, as well as developing a logical and convenient structure of the recourse.

SEO promotion results

Online store transfer and SEO optimization: “What, where, when?” or what work has been done by the Golden Web digital team?

  1. The priority before any work, of course, is a detailed ANALYSIS OF COMPETITIONS after which we can clearly form a strategy for transferring and promoting the website, avoiding mistakes made by competitors and borrowing all the strengths.
  2. According to all the data obtained, a detailed strategy with a phased work plan was formed.
  3. Implementation of the structure and transfer of the website from prom.ua
  4. Seo optimization of the main pages and priority categories.
  5. In the following months, the work was aimed at the correct optimization of the website and the promotion of priority categories.

Results in 3 months after transfer:

SEO-optimization of the site

**On the screen we can clearly see the decline in positions in early June which was forecast due to the fact that the site was transferred. But in the following months, starting from July, due to our stable work, we observe the stability of the results (positions did not grow but did not fall which is a very positive result for the second month after the transfer of the site).

Starting in mid-August (the second month after the transfer), we see that the website's positions have gone up.

Analytics results (organic search):

organic search results

**The screen above compares the 28 days of organic search results with the previous period.

In general, we see very positive results.

  • Increased number of users
  • Increased number of new users
  • Increase the total number of sessions
  • Bounce rate was decreased
  • Increased transaction rate and revenue from organic search.
"There is still room to grow!" - What is the further plan to promote the website by SEO specialists of Golden Web?

In order to raise the position of our website we need to keep improving it, work on page optimization, internal and external optimizations.

For further growth:

  • we will work with non-optimized categories (or those that are incorrectly optimized) for optimization/re-optimization on a monthly basis. This will have a positive effect on both organic search and advertising.
  • take general categories (ie general queries) for internal optimization on a monthly basis
  • work with external optimization on a monthly basis to increase the position and credibility of the site
  • we will continue to work with the Google My Business account.
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