The client

Online store of a manufacturer of knitted clothes


  • setting up targeted queries on the website
  • increase in organic traffic
  • growth of CTR


  • the website used to work on Prom so the task was to transfer the domain to Horoshop without losing the results
  • transfer to Horoshop (not all technical capabilities are available)
  • the website worked in only one language
  • the main traffic and sales came from ProSale

The client requested the proper transfer of the website in May 2020.

Before the transfer the results looked like this:

кейс по оптимізації

First steps of SEO optimization by Golden Web Digital

The first step taken by the Golden Web team was the correct analysis of the website, setting all further goals. Next, we conducted a detailed analysis of competitors. According to this, we collected the correct semantics of the site and created correct and working strategy.

Over the next three months, the site's pages were optimized and promoted on general key queries to increase traffic and key performance. Therefore, in three months of cooperation we have achieved the following results.

We can see that the number of clicks in July 2020 compared to May 2020 hasn’t changed but we see a significant increase in impressions - this was achieved by expanding the semantics of the website.

оптимізація сайту голден веб

We also see how the number of website’s key queries began to grow during this period.

динаміка ключових слів

Due to the increase in key queries that were properly indexed and relevant to the topic of the site, a rapid increase in organic traffic began. This indicator means that the website has the right keywords which users search for and find what they need.

динаміка трафіку

We received a significant improvement in the results of the website. In the first screenshot we can clearly see that BEFORE the transfer of the website traffic was 1.84 thousand per month and AFTER the transfer - 4.8 thousand. The number of impressions of the website increased from 16.4 thousand to 135 thousand.

seacrh console - результати golden web

результати seo просування


Of course, there is always room to grow and something to strive for. The next steps to improve the results will depend on the analysis of competitors, search results, etc.

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