Project description

The client is an online auto parts store


  • increase in organic traffic
  • setting up targeted queries on the site
  • save previous results


  • transition of the site from Prom to Horoshop
  • changing the structure of the site, respectively, took time to completely re-index the site
  • most of the traffic came from ProSale


The client contacted the company in February 2021 on the recommendation. The task for our specialists was the correct and correct transfer of the site, setting the correct redirects, as well as to develop the correct structure of the site.

results of the bike shop case

Website optimization: A list of works performed by Golden Web

  1. First of all, the team made a detailed analysis of the site and competitors, reviewed all the nuances.
  2. An audit report was generated from the obtained data.
  3. According to all the data obtained, a strategy was developed with further work for the site, which included collecting semantics, writing meta-tags, writing article topics.
  4. Implementation of the correct new structure on the site.
  5. During the following months, the work was aimed at optimizing all major pages of the site, as well as optimizing site categories.

search console auto shop

As a result of moving the site to a new platform and changing the existing structure, there was a slight decline in key indicators of the site such as average position and traffic. This was not a critical situation, as it was foreseen and 301 redirects were set up to quickly restore results.

As a result of the manipulations, the indicators of the site were included in 2 months. Subsequent work was aimed at continuing to optimize and promote the Main Page, as well as priority pages.

After that, we see a clear increase in site traffic, as well as expanding the semantics of the site.

growth of website performance from golden web

Further promotion of the site by Golden Web digital specialists

Subsequent strategies will continue to work on the general semantics of the site, as well as on specific query categories. External links will also be purchased and competitors will be analyzed to expand the niche.

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