About the project
  • Customer: Wholesale clothing store
  • Service: Google Shopping
  • Region: Ukraine
  • Duration of cooperation: from February 2020 to the present
  • Advertising budget: UAH 1,700.
  • Goal: Increase sales

Stages of work of the contextual ad by Golden Web Digital specialist

In this case we will tell about gradual increase of the income without additional expenses for advertising. This was made possible by optimizing advertising campaigns and choosing the right strategy.

Website optimization, well-designed product maps and landing pages also played an important role. The site is optimized by the SEO department and the Golden Web Digital digital marketing studio.

Initially, it was decided to focus on search campaigns in order to attract the target audience - those interested in buying clothes in bulk. However, this approach did not work for this client. Therefore, it was decided to attract visitors through Google Shopping and later convert them into buyers.


Google Merchant Center settings

  • Checking the compliance of the site with the requirements of Google Merchant Center;
  • Creating a Google Merchant Center account;
  • Confirmation of site ownership;
  • Creation of a vehicle for feed and formation of a feed;
  • Checking and loading the feed into the system;


Google Ads: What was going on in your account?

  • Creation of trade campaigns according to the developed structure;
  • Strategy selection and testing;
  • Performance analysis;
  • Launch smart campaigns;
  • Launch dynamic remarketing.
Results of work
Advertising platform
Google Shopping
Total clicks
48 751 clicks
Average cost per click
0,04 UAH
Total conversions
9500 conversions
Statistics period
24.02.2020 – 30.04.2021
Total impressions
2 306 873 views
Total costs
1700 UAH
Average conversion rate
19,49 %
Data from the Google Ads Advertising Cabinet

data from the advertising account

Дані з Google Аналітики

data from Google analytics

We can receive

Several times more targeted traffic at the same costs as search campaigns, due to the low cost of a click (in this case, it is 0.04 UAH); high ratio of transactions, due to informativeness; low transaction cost, due to low cost of transition to the site and high transaction rate; increase revenue without additional advertising costs.

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