About the project
  • Customer: Knitwear factory for children's clothing
  • Service: Google Shopping and Search Campaign
  • Region: Ukraine
  • Period of cooperation: 01.08.2020 - 15.12.2020
  • Advertising budget: UAH 62,000.
  • Goal: To get the maximum amount of targeted traffic; attracting the target audience to the website; increasing the number of conversions.

Steps of setting up an ad campaign

Cooperation with the customer lasts more than a year. During this time, a number of search campaigns have been set up for priority product categories. For each category of goods on the site, a search campaign was created (3 ads per group + extensions + search remarketing). At the request of the customer, the average position in the search network for each campaign in the account does not fall below 2.

Google Shopping + Remarketing has also been set up for the All Visitors audience.

First step: Preparing to launch the campaign:

  • Installed, linked, configured: Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Tag Manager;
  • Created the necessary goals (conversions) for the advertising campaign. Set up base audiences to work with remarketing;
  • Analyzed the market, identified major competitors;
  • Studied and analyzed the target audience;
  • Provided and discussed with the client the main strategy for working with the campaign;
  • Created the original account structure.
  • Gathered semantics;
  • Added basic lists of negative keywords and lists of excluded locations.

Second stage: Search engine optimization.

  • decreased the number of keys in ad groups from 15-20 to 3-6, but increased the number of ad groups;
  • added custom search ads;
  • updated negative keyword lists, including data from previous advertising campaigns;
  • increase the number of ads and optimize them on a turnkey basis;
  • change bidding strategies to manual tuning and prioritize maximum conversions and maximum clicks;
  • protested inquiries in Ukrainian.

We have noticed that many new customers ignore requests in Ukrainian, thus losing many Ukrainian-speaking customers. To avoid this, we create a semantic core in two languages, test the ads in two language versions, and then allocate the budget according to the test results, ie preferring the campaign that turned out to be more effective. So we did in this case. An important point - the highest level of conversion showed queries with detailed geolocation.

Third stage: Google Shopping.

  • creating an account in the Merchant Center service - a service where we upload product data for further use in the trading campaign;
  • Data feed preparation is a product detail file that meets certain Google requirements.
  • create a sales campaign in your Google Ads account.

The effectiveness of advertising campaigns was monitored using a report on the Google Analytics account.

Results of work
Advertising platform
Google Shopping
Total clicks
119 667
Average cost per click
0,53 грн
Total conversions
16 419 конверсій
Statistics period
01.08.2020 – 15.12.2020
Total impressions
4 690 515
Total costs
62 500 грн
Average conversion rate
Data from the Google Ads Advertising Cabinet
Google Analytics data

Thanks to trading campaigns we can get:

  • high ratio of transactions, due to the informativeness of the ads;
  • low transaction cost, due to low cost of transition to the site and high transaction rate.

We've achieved great results in optimizing Google AdWords advertising campaigns.

This case clearly shows that it is always necessary to improve the channels of involvement of specialists in the project and evaluate the impact. If the results of the work of contractors do not suit you, involve specialists, consult and do not spare resources on analytics.

On the example of this case, we see the importance of involving professionals and the results of the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Are you not satisfied with the sales results of your online store? Analyze the work of advertising, conduct analytics, and do not skimp on specialists.

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