• Customer: Wholesale clothing store
  • Service: Google Shopping, Smart campaign and Performance Max
  • Duration of cooperation: March 2022
  • Advertising budget: UAH 4,779.
  • Goal: Increase sales

Google has released a new type of campaign called Performance max.

Performance Max campaign - Changes that have taken place on the client's account

The main feature of the "Performance max" campaigns is that they allow you to search for customers using all Google ads locations. The algorithm itself selects the placement. Ads can appear on search, networks, referrals, Gmail, YouTube and Google Maps, Discover.

22.02.2022 in the client's ad account, where the Google Shopping Smart campaign was working smart (it has been working for 3 years), we set up Performance max.

Since this period coincided with a full-scale invasion of Russia, we had to adjust advertising budgets for advertising campaigns.

We started the gradual resumption of work on the account in March 2022.

The results for the month of work with campaigns are presented below:

Advertising platform
Performance max
The total number of clicks
13 169
The average cost of one click
UAH 0,36
The total number of conversions
3 014
The period of statistics
березень 2022
The total number of impressions
722 698
The total amount of expenses
UAH 4 779
The value of conversions
UAH 187 081
Data from the Google Ads account

Good results have been achieved even when working with small budgets and during the war.

results from google ads account
Data from the Google Analytics
data from google analytics

At about the same budget, Performance Max gave more orders - 76% and bigger ordering cost - 76%.

The cost for going to the website is UAH 0.25. in comparison with UAH 0.75. for a smart campaign.

Such results cannot fail to inspire and now we continue to implement Performance Max on our clients' projects.


Automated campaigns save time creating ads while allowing users to show more relevant ads, also increasing returns.

But in each project, it is important to monitor whether there is a flow of traffic from old campaigns to new ones in a particular project.

We see online advertising changing toward automation and machine learning and we are convinced that the new Performance Max campaigns, along with other automated campaign formats, will help you optimize your advertising, improve your conversion and performance reach.

Even in a difficult war period, the results of advertising with small budgets give good results.

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