Project description


  • Moldovan manufacturer of home shoes.


  • brand recognition
  • correction of technical errors
  • increase traffic
  • increase orders

Problems of the project

  • When developing the site, the technical requirements for the site according to the requirements of site optimization were not taken into account;
  • The site was in one language, because the site was developed on a CMS system, it was difficult to add a second language;
  • Cooperation with the customer's programmers and not always refinements on the site were in the first place;
  • The site is synchronized with 1C, there was also a problem in changing the structure of the site;
  • Budget constraints.

List of works before the start of site optimization

  • The analysis of competitors is carried out
  • The site optimization strategy is formed
  • The site was audited and provided to programmers
  • Creating a strategy to run Google ADS
  • The strategy of external optimization is formed.

Website optimization was launched in September 2020. First of all, a list of tasks was provided to developers, this list was implemented in November 2020. Therefore, only internal optimization was carried out on the site in the first place. After the implementation of the work, the programmers also generated a list of URLs to configure 301 redirects, because there was an error in setting up bilingual site.

The growth of organics began three months after the implementation of technical work, setting up a 301 redirect and constant optimization of the web resource. It is important that the customer agreed to work on optimization, despite the fact that there are technical problems on the site, and all the work brought much less results than they should have. However, this paid off after editing and completely re-indexing the site.


graph of organic traffic growth

The following graph shows the growth dynamics of organic traffic. Compared to the last 2 months. Accordingly, the expected growth of the site is already observed. For the last 31 days it is + 47%


organic traffic growth dynamics

Online Store Conversions Grow 33.9%increase in conversions

Results of site promotion from Golden WEb Digital - dynamics of growth of key inquiries - + 375%

growth dynamics of key queries

The next steps

In the future, the customer will be offered to increase budgets for site optimization, as there is a need to work with external optimization.

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