Project description

Client - wooden workshop: children's toys and home decor


  • increase in organic traffic
  • setting up targeted queries on the website to bring potential buyers from the organic search


  • Trust. The client reached out to us after a failed experience with SEO-specialists, whose work did not bring the desired results.
  • The site is developed on the Horoshop platform (there is no ability to make all technical changes and improvements)
  • Convenience for users. No categories are displayed, which is quite inconvenient for visitors. (due to this they could lose potential c;ients). Illogical, inconvenient website architecture.
  • Incorrect nested URL (requires 301 redirect).
  • Organic site ranking. Relevant semantics were not inserted on the site, accordingly the website was not ranking on relevant requests and therefore the target users from organic search ranking didn’t get to the site. Content:
    • Hidden content from users
    • Html titles issues were detected (titles tagged with <p>)
    • No key queries in the meta tags
    • The design of the content did not correspond to the general style of the website and in general did not differ from any other online shops.
    • Graphic content is not optimized.
    • There was no clearly defined target audience and communication with it was not well-developed.
  • The website has little information about the services provided by the client.
  • Irrelevant products names (this issue is important for both SEO and Google Ads)
  • Multilingual site. Only one language (Ukrainian) was implemented on the website.

The client contacted the company in September 2021. The task for our specialists was:

  • to bring targeted customers to the website from the organic ranking;
  • to develop and implement a logical and convenient structure of the website;
  • fix all bugs on the site.

Website promotion and optimization: What work has been done by the Golden Web digital team and what we have achieved in 3 months of cooperation

  1. To begin with, we identified our main competitors in the niche and conducted an analysis
  2. According to all the data obtained, a detailed strategy was developed with a further work plan for the SEO team
  3. Thanks to niche research and competitor analysis we have collected semantics for each page of the website.
  4. Developed and implemented a new structure on the site, changed the names of categories to more relevant to the topic and more frequent in search.
  5. An emotional brand concept (Branding department) has been created as well, which expands the target audience and concretizes the impact on it. Namely, we have created points of contact and a more detailed explanation of how to use, how to play with the company's products. Prescribed the emotional stages of communication, which will help to strengthen the desire to buy goods and create the effect of brand awareness to enter the life of TA on a regular basis.
  6. New informative pages have been created, providing all the necessary information about the services of the client, and inserted relevant queries for each of the newly created pages, as well as all content on the page designed individually in the client's style and optimized according to Google algorithms.
  7. Optimized all the website categories according to Google's algorithms and overall website style.
  8. Changed the names of the products on the website.

Now let's talk about numbers

Dynamics of growth and decline of the average position of the site for 3 months of work (October, November, December)

  • on the graph we clearly see growth in all indicators

Next we will look at the comparison of site performance during the team's work Golden Web digital 3 months: October, November, December 2021), compared to the previous period (3 months: October, November, December 2020)


golden web digital website promotion results


increase in the number of visits to the site


increase in website impressions


Keyword Dynamics (graph shows changes in domain keyword phrases over the past year)

keyword dynamics

On the screenshot we can clearly see the growth of key queries during the period of work.

Dynamics of growth of positions of queries on the ranking for the last 3 months compared to last year:

Targeted queries with which we rank Now we are here Where we have been?
Popular queries For the last 3 months (2021) Position For the last 3 months (2020) Position
вироби з дерева 8.85 27.97
інтернет магазин виробів з дерева 5.62 10.6
дерев'яні подарункові коробки львів 5.75 6.32
вироби з дерева купити 7.47 22.3;
купити вироби з дерева 8.14 29.4
вироби із дерева 5.48 33
дерев'яні вироби 9.85 21.8
іграшки з дерева своїми руками 19.5 20.57
вироби з дерева для дітей 1.95 25.75
деревяні вироби 15.67 34.34
цікаві вироби з дерева 09.09 30.33

and many more…

New relevant queries from the last 3 months

Popular queries For the last 3 months (2021) Position For the last 3 months (2020) Position
корпоративні подарунки 10.52 0
сучасні іграшки на ялинку 8.94 0
ялинкова прикраса з фанери 7.85 0
корпоративні подарунки львів 4.94 0
виготовлення дерев'яних виробів 6.31 0
дитячі вироби з дерева 2.32 0
набори ялинкових прикрас 10.56 0
декоративні вироби з дерева 7.23 0
еко іграшки на ялинку 10.68 0
деревяні коробки 10.61 0
вироби з дерева ручної роботи 5.5 0

and many more…

  • The queries with which the website was ranking went to a fairly high position in just 3 months of the work of the SEO team.
  • Targeted, relevant semantics have begun to enter the website and the target audience has been brought in accordingly.
  • Many new queries have already reached high positions, indicating that the website has a high ranking.
And what's next? - The next planned work to promote the website by specialists of Golden Web digital

In the future we continue to work with the basic semantics of the website through internal and external optimization. We are also working on translating the website into another language (ru) in order to get even more relevant queries to the website, due to which we will attract target users from all over the country. On an ongoing basis, we analyze competitors to develop new semantics.

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