Branding for multi-brand eyeglasses store U Duzhkah

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find a mission, goal, describe the issue and show it with relevant content, increase brand awareness
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choosing references for photoshoots

selection of pictures

photoshoot Golden Web

conducting photoshoots ternopil

choosing references for photoshoots

selection of pictures
preparation of an emotional concept, photo and video shooting the purpose of which is to show different people with different appearances and to convey that we are all beautiful no matter what. With red or brown hair, with moles or freckles, with different skin color and body structure - we are all individuals. It is necessary to understand that this is not an excuse for complexes, it is something that you should show to the world and love the difference in yourself and other people.

Brand and soul - the main aspects of the branding concept from Golden Web

(Style) asceticism and journal format
for (U DUZHKAH) we created a special and close to everyone emotional concept, implemented it in the shooting of content, social media and offline. We also worked on the planning and implementation of filming. At this stage, we are developing a website in the Python programming language web framework Django which will also represent this concept. We are working with advertising on social media (targeting) and Google Ads.

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When we develop emotional concepts for our clients we always think globally and deeply. (U DUZHKAH) is an optics company that has many different brands so we decided to assign a certain brand of glasses to a certain person who would show themselves properly in glasses, look organic in them and show their history. It was important for us to choose glasses for everyone that show their inner feelings properly. According to our concept, we divided the photoshoot into two “segments”: BEFORE and AFTER. During the preparation, we talked to the models and learned their unique stories. They told us about the complexes and the path to self-acceptance. It was important for us to find those people who really overcame their insecurities and will be able to show it in the picture. Their stories inspired us a lot, we got into it and continued to create.

branding golden web
It is important for our team to find "our" people no matter what the project is. In the case of (U DUZHKAH) we needed a stylist, photographer, videographer, make-up and hair stylists. We were looking for them day and night and of course found them eventually. Then we started preparation for the first photoshoot. Looking for clothes, ideas for makeup, choosing the right location. Our office lived by this project, we stayed up late working on this idea. The day of filming was very busy for us but it went amazing. There was an incredible atmosphere and energy of close and strong people on the site which everyone was imbued with. We reunited, caught one vibe and gave it everything we’ve got.

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each of us is insecure - some more, some less. We all know our strengths and weaknesses. Very often we are pointed out our flaws and personal dissatisfaction, subjective opinion from the outside forms complexes. Who said what is right? Who determines what is beautiful and what is not? Is a wrapper important without filling? Only a person who loves themselves will be full and happy. Everything that distinguishes us from others - shapes your individuality. You need to broadcast it to the world and love the difference in yourself and others.

conducting photoshoots

photoshoots golden web

сreating a brand concept

looking for models for the brand

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the global goal is to give people confidence. For a lot of people glasses = low self-esteem, something that sets them apart from the crowd and for many it is very uncomfortable. The company (U DUZHKAH) emphasizes the beauty and peculiarity of a person and the need to wear glasses turns it into an attribute of a person's style and their qualitative feature.

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After we got to know the brand and its founder, a picture appeared in our heads and we realized - that’s IT! Their efforts inspired us to create this incredible emotional concept and we immediately realized that this story will resonate with everyone. After all, everyone had complexes one way or another and glasses have always been among them. So presenting glasses as a stylish accessory and addition to your unique features, and not as a burden that puts you in the box is a BOOM. Therefore, (U DUZHKAH) - it's about glasses.

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