form a strategy for brand awareness, develop new logo/fonts/brand colors, come up with an emotional component and a concept for the future shoot.

brand conceptbrand concept for a heating companyбрендинг для компанії опалення


we started by creating an emotional concept of the brand that will be presented everywhere: Instagram, advertising, website, offline. These are the key features of the business to become recognizable to people. Our client helps people to arrange a comfortable and cozy space at home. They are modern and close to everyone - they are always ready to help. Understanding that we are talking about modernity and technology here [and don't forget the brand name] - we developed a logo that immediately made a pleasant impression on the client: "This is exactly what I have imagined!".

Development of the logo and corporate style of the company - Golden Web Digital

Our logo

Is about globality and modernity. It’s about the technologies in which all of us live. It’s [the logo] warm and close to everyone so it suits our concept perfectly. And now more about the concept itself :)

logo development logo development
logo development for a plumbing and heating company


Our client's mission that we came up with:

We help people to arrange a comfortable and cozy space at home. We live in a world of details and they all affect our efficiency, rest, work. Home is a place of joy, warmth, and personal comfort. Thanks to our technology, people will love the place in which they live even more. So they will be satisfied, happy, and they will charge others with such a mood, work efficiently and not worry about the functionality and look of plumbing, because A-GLOBAL has already taken care of it!

Nowhere without emotions - company slogan, visually designed mandatory elements for brand recognition, Golden Web Digital

Modern and close to anyone A-GLOBAL.

We work so that the client is satisfied and is always ready to help. Trust and sincerity are very important to us - this is our middle name.

Emotional load of content (photo/video): we attract using eclecticism here. We need to be different and that's why we decided that we will present plumbing in an unusual format. A shower in the jungle, a boiler on the beach, a bath in the forest. This is something atypical and definitely memorable. And we will fulfill our goal - brand awareness. Let's not forget about the key component - feeling. We show people the full experience they can get with our technical equipment. For example - you are in the shower, but it feels as if you are under a waterfall; you are at home - and it feels like you are on a beach. Cool, right? And the amouf of ideas is still limitless :)

The main theses of brand development, which will follow it everywhere - eclecticism, globality, trust, sincerity, comfort. And all this must be implemented, implemented everywhere in a correct way.

The next important thing - slogans. We need to test and understand on different channels of communication: how do people react to us? Here are some slogans we’ve chosen:

If it’s cozy and warm at home, you’re capable of global things
Your trust is globally important to us
Your comfort is globally valuable to us

branding for a plumbing and heating company

What’s next?

And then we planned a photoshoot. After all, inventing does not mean implementing. A lot of companies skip this step but it’s extremely important. We embody the ideas of eclecticism and the mission on the website with the help of SEO, use messages in advertising [with appropriate design] and comprehensively fill all communication channels with content that corresponds to the concept. For development and growth, we need our own creative content that will connect to our mission, brand and embody all its uniqueness. We need people to know about us and remember us, so the next stage will be the planning and implementation of the photoshoot.

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