From July 16, all sites must switch to the Ukrainian language

July 5, 2022, 5:38 p.m.

From July 16, 2022, parts 2 and 6 of the Article 27 of the Law of Ukraine «On Ensuring the Functioning of the Ukrainian Language as the State Language» enter into force. According to the law, the owners of all Internet resources must introduce Ukrainian-language versions of websites. IT company Golden Web Digital details the innovations for businessmen:

· Regardless of the technical equipment (button control panel or electronic screen), the user interface of any goods, which has installed computer programs and which you sell in Ukraine (for example, mobile phones, coffee makers, washing machines, cars, etc.), must be in Ukrainian and have at least the same amount of information as foreign language versions of the interface.

· All Internet resources (websites, social media pages, etc.) that function as Internet representations of business entities registered in Ukraine and engaged in the sale of goods on the territory of Ukraine must have a version in the state language. The operation of the resource in several languages is allowed. However, the site version in Ukrainian must be loaded by default for Ukrainian users and have at least the same amount of information as foreign language versions.

· If the subject of business activity or the head of the organization of all forms of ownership doesn’t add the Ukrainian language to the site until July 16, 2022, this will be considered as a violation of the Law with the imposition of a fine in the amount of UAH 3,400-8,500 after the first violation and UAH 8,500-11,900 after the second one.

IT company Golden Web in Ternopil will help you to translate the site into Ukrainian as soon as possible, in compliance with all the requirements of the Law and in accordance with the norms and rules of the modern Ukrainian language. Moreover, we provide services for individual site development in Ukrainian in various programming languages (for example, Python site) and improvement of already existing CMS websites. Internet marketing agency Golden Web Digital is always a high-quality website development for your business!

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